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The Olympus OM cult

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  1. mopar_guy
    Your post sound almost exactly like my own experience. Welcome to our little Cult.
  2. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi all

    Just down to my last roll of Kodachrome KR64. It was surfing the net one night that I came across The Kodachrome Project. This was around 18 months ago. So to join in the fun and shoot Kodachrome again I dusted off my OM cameras and Zuiko lenses and went out there!

    I have my own little projects like taking photos of my local church in all seasons, family at Christmas, Nottingham landscapes etc... It has been a fun and an enjoyable experience. So much so that I will continue to load these cameras with film and continue to use this stuff.

    Cheers Chris
  3. Prest_400
    Hi and welcome Bluedog.
    The OM system is excellent. Lenses deliver more than I will ever need and the bodies are nicely designed, that's my experience over 2 years with an OM-1 and the basic range lenses. I'm far from having those 30 years of experience, but slowly time will tell.
    I'm young and hope these cameras will be able to last for a lifetime and more. It would be interesting to know what did my OM-1 see in it's 30 years of life, and I hope it will keep working well for at least 30 more.
  4. drmarkf
    I've just joined (slightly sadly & ironically, because I came across this site while searching for OM equipment information to use while selling some of my OM kit ).

    However, my remaining Zuiko OM and compatible lenses are now getting a massive lease of life via adapters on my E-PL1 micro 4/3 body, and I'm certainly looking to buy some more classic Zuiko glass to try. So I'd like to stay, please!

    My OM-4 hadn't been used for longer than I can remember, and I needed the space and cash to re-invest! I'm hopeful that the rumoured Oly micro 4/3 'professional' body that's said to be due in the spring will replace some of what I got from the OM system over 30+ years (and which was lost with much of the drive for digital). By this I mean quality of feel and handling; compact dimensions, low weight and rugged build; as well as the good glass and viewfinders.

    The E-PL1 gets surprisingly close in a number of areas: the VF-2 electronic viewfinder's fantastic, the image quality is slightly better than my E-620, it's compact and light and feels fairly good in the hands. I love the ability to use legacy lenses. However, some aspects of handling are grim - like the number of button pushes to change the aperture of a digital lens...

    Briefly, I was bought an OM-1 in 1973 for a 21st birthday present, and then went to the OM-4 second hand in 1990. I've owned a variety of Zuiko glass over the years (and now own probably more E-Zuikos, Panasonics & Leica lenses than is strictly good for me).
  5. mopar_guy
    Digital cameras with OM lenses aren't going to impress too many people around here.

  6. drmarkf
    Yeah, well, I don't feel I need to impress anyone, thanks.
  7. mopar_guy

    Please let me clarify. This site is APUG (Analog Photography Users Group). Discussion of digital cameras is considered "off topic" on this site. You seem to like discussing the use of Olympus's E-Series cameras which are digital cameras. Personally, I use a variety of OM 35mm (35mm film that is) cameras. The OM System is a 35 mm film system, not a digital system. Almost all members and subscribers to APUG consider this to be a haven from the vast multitude of Photo websites where film users are treated as if they are imbeciles. There are other sites on the web that have a variety of discussions about digital photography.

    I am really not trying to be rude to you. If others on this site disagree with me they can feel free to post here.

  8. drmarkf
    "A friendly support group for fans of the Olympus OM system. All are welcome, especially OM users."

    In that case I suggest you read the forum guidelines more carefully, or else petition to get them changed.
  9. Q.G.

    No need.
    When you come to a forum that is so openly devoted to analog photography, and analog photography only, you are assumed to understand that that applies to all parts of it.
    It's not like it's easy to miss what APUG is, and is not, about.
  10. mopar_guy

    Nobody has said that you are not welcome here. Discussion of digital photography is "off topic".

  11. puptent
    I've been visiting apug for awhile, finally joined. I guess now I'll have to subscribe... I've used Olympus products since the mid 70's (sure would love to have that old FTL and the Pen back). I have quite a few bodies OM-1, OM-1N, an OM-2, two OM-2N's, an OM-3ti, an OM-4, and an OM-4ti. I also have an OM-G, which I think was named perfectly, it's my omg! camera, the one I use when standing square in the jaws of camera death. I mostly use the manual cameras. I'm partial to the OM-2 series, and I like the mirror lock up feature on OM-1 (I use the MR-9 battery adapter in my OM-1). But I do LOVE my OM-3ti! As for lenses I have mostly Zuiko, a couple of Series 1 70-210 zooms (a Kiron and a Tokina. I'd like to get the Komine some day.) and a Series 1 35-85. I also have a Vivitar wide angle 17mm, and a nice Sigma 28mm 2.8. I have Zuiko 28mm's in f 3.5 and 2.8. Over the years I've accumulated a few 50mm 1.8 and 1.4 lenses, and a 55mm 1.2. There's a sweet Zuiko 28-48mm wide angle zoom, a 135, 35-105mm (with a nice close focus feature), and a big tele (all Zuiko). Lately I've also been using a Kiron 70-150 as well. I'd like to get a 50mm macro, and would love to come across a perspective control that I could afford. Motor drives, flash units, bellows, focusing screens, and other assorted flotsam have also accumulated over the years. I used to do a lot of motorcycle racing work, motocross, flat-track, and road race, but now that I'm old I find myself doing landscape and macro. Hhhhmmm. And in case you were wondering, the pictures that matter go onto film. Digital is for uploading e-bay pics! puptent
  12. kimwoo83
    So I've got an OM-1 in the post on it's way to me - it will be my first OM. I'm not an experienced photographer and so far have only used a Pentax ME Super and a Nikon F55 but have been drawn to the OM-1 after reading so much good stuff about it. It should arrive in the next couple of days and I'm very excited!
  13. PeteD
    The OM1 is a cracking camera, mine is 30 years old in September and still going strong. Welcome to the OM cult.

  14. Ron O
    Ron O
    New to the group, not new to OM's. Bought first OM-1n in 1978 still use it occasionally. The last 5 years or so I've been starting to avidly collect OM cameras and accesories. Hope to some day to emulate the great picture of the OM system. Probably have about 70-80% of the system. Problem is that as I continue to find and research the system I keep finding more! Just got a M-1 and in researching is found that it was also available in black. Hope to link up with other collectors to compare data bases of OM equipment
  15. wblynch
    M-1, very nice for the serious OM-aholic.

    My nearest is an early pre-md OM-1 which is probably the M-1 right after the rename. Very tight camera.

    I never knew the M-1 was made in black, or were they custom painted, post factory?

    I still have my first OM-1md, black, bought in 1975. I wore that soldier out and have bought a few 'parts donors; over the years to bring it up to snuff but the parts cameras were always too nice to tear down. I guess it earned its retirement.

    Just yesterday I got my first OM2, a black 2n still in its box with unopened manuals and inserts. It appears to have never been used so I consider it still 'new'. Used it today and it is a sweet, sweet camera.

    -Bill L.
  16. Ron O
    Ron O
    Have one of those pre MD's too. Black OM-2n was my 2nd camera true work horse. Mark Dapoz had a site on the M-1 had some good info on the M-1. Had to locate in the Internet archive as the site has been down some time. Saw some pics of the back m-1 with an estimate of 500 made. Can't find that info again. Can't imagine what a black M–1 wound cost.
  17. Ron O
    Ron O
    Looking for anyone who collects Olympus OM's to compare data bases of OM cameras and accesories. I have a data base of 340 items that I have found in Olympus catalogs, SIF's, web sites, etc. This includes FTL system. Anyone interested in my posting a csv file? Or does any one have one of their own, or know of one.
  18. Ary Kerner Ribeiro
    Ary Kerner Ribeiro
    Sou Brasileiro e fã incondicional das Olys (especialmente das OM's).
    Atualmente tenho duas OM1, uma OM2, uma OM10 e uma OMG (Aka OM20).
    Gostaria de compartilhar essa admiração com vocês e aprender um pouco aqui.
    Abraço do Brasil.
  19. Halka
    Hey there. I've first come into contact with Olympus OM about a year ago, when I bought a Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 for adapting onto my first (digital) camera - and I've been hoarding old glass from several manufacturers ever since . A few weeks ago, after drooling over pictures of OM SLRs, I've decided I had to have one. So a week ago a black OM-2 arrived, and I absolutely love it. It was a real bargain and so it has some quirks - the shutter speed scale doesn't extend into the viewfinder when turned on, but the needle moves freely - so I've ran a roll of a cheap Fuji C200 through it to check whether the lightmeter is working as it should, and if the light seals are still intact; still awaiting the results.

    Did I mention I love this thing? My digital body is a NEX, which I've bought due to it's small size, but now that I've put the OM2 next to it (NEX has a Helios 44M slapped on currently), it is actually smaller!

    I'm now looking for a second body (the first roll of film isn't even developed yet...), and the OM2-SP or the OM2000 (no lynching plz) seem to fit into my budget. And a Nikon FE. Aaand a developing tank. Some nondescript chemicals too. Oh God.
  20. wblynch
    OM-2000 may not be a bad choice. It is a typical Cosina with its vertical shutter that allows flash sync at 1/125.

    Be cautious buying an OM-2SP since the cheapest ones are usually problem cameras and not likely to work. Better to spend a little more and get a proper working one. They are very peculiar for an OM but a god one is a joy to use.
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