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The Olympus OM cult

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  1. Mike Clt
    I've just joined. I bought my OM1n black body in 1978 or 1979. It has been been a great camera and has had plenty of rest the last 16 years or so. I just got it back from Gary's for a CLA & have recently put my 1st roll through it since. Film is out for development now & I'm looking forward to the results. My 13 year old daughter has taken an interest in photography & I figured the OM1 would serve her well to learn on, as it did me. I'm looking forward to some quality time with her & the OM
  2. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Welcome Mike, I still have my OM-1 non MD model. Superb, as is the entire system. I hope you and your daughter enjoy its revival.
  3. marko.oja
    New here, proud owner of two OM-2n:s - the black one for TriX/Tmax 400, the silver one for everything else.
  4. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Welcome marko.oja, I use OM-2's and a 2n, regularly. They're great cameras.
  5. coat953
    Just joined - glad there's somewhere to cater to my OM addiction.... It all started with an OM10 in 1980, still got it, though it's very battered now. Over the years my collection has grown to include an OM1n, OM2n, 2 OM4ti's (one mint, one for rough work!), 18/3.5, 24/2, 35/2, 50/3.5 macro, 100/2.8, 180/2.8 and 350/2.8. Not to mention flashes, winders, filters, both teleconverters..... I love the fast teles, and have taken them all over the world and the fast wides are just awesome. As I use my cameras on my travels, the OM system is the only choice, how did they make these marvels half the size of the competition?
  6. Jon202
    Hi Bill, bought my first OM in 1983 ish - OM2n, best move ever. Move on to 2013 now using a brace of OM4s and Zuiko prime glass from 24mm through to 300mm and loving every minute of it!
  7. craigcooper
    Hi Folks, Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an Australian professional photographer and I've just joined APUG and I've been an Olympus tragic for my whole photography career! I'll be selling a few of my less-used Olympus items on ebay over the next few weeks (making way for some leicas, but I'll be keeping my OM4Ti, OM1n and a few primes!), not sure if this is an appropriate place to mention my auctions?
  8. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I'm sure it isn't but what the h***
  9. x100art
    Hi guys!
    I just thought I introduce myself. I just picked up two OM-2 one black and the other one silver . So far I only used one roll of color film on the black one, and it looks like a winner pictures came out great.

    I'm really excited to start shooting film specially in Street photography. A few weeks ago I ended up taking a workshop with Eric Kim pretty well-known street photographer. He also shoots film but he uses a Leica camera. Anyways I hope to learn more from this forum about the Olympus OM series it seems like a special camera.

    My other cameras that I use are the Fuji X 100(not the new S version)
    and Olympus E3.

  10. Jon202
    Hi Art, welcome to the group. You won't go far wrong with a brace of OM2s there
  11. jojonas
    hello everyone. fairly new OM user here!
    before I had loaned an OM1 and liked everything with it besides the information in the viewfinder that I didn't see as clearly as I liked. I said thanks for the loan, gave it back and thought I'd never use an OM again...
    que autumn last year; work college notices me playing with my Olympus Pen EES-2 on the tram and asks if I or anyone I know would be interested in his old OM2. I said ofcourse, thinking I could give it to one of the younger darkroom enthusiasts of the photo club I'm chairman of.
    lo and behold, a second chance and the fantastic low light meter of the OM2 was all I needed to regain faith in the system again! now I'm thinking that an OM4 could be the body to finally quench my thirst after my own perfect slr ever since that Contax RTS broke beyond repair.

    okay, enough story time! the gear I currently have is:
    silver OM2 body
    50mm 1.8 lens later model, made in japan
    50mm 3.5 macro with sticky aperture ring
    long tele tamron (I forget the mm)
  12. Ron O
    Ron O
    Yes the OM-4 is a great camera. The exposure system is amazing. The first time I used mine was in the winter in Craters of the Moon National Monument. Figured that a landscape of white snow punctuated by black and red lava on a bright sunny day would be a great test. Took spot readings from the snow, rock and sky and the camera did the rest. Amazing pictures. Though I still like my original OM-1n and 2n.
  13. 786ozmanix
    Hi everyone,
    New to this OM cult group....by the looks of it, it rocks! I have an OM4 and an OM10 (which my son, aged 8, is now using). I have the 50mm f/1,8, 28mm f/3,5, the 35-70 f/3,5, 70-150 f/3,5, the 135 f/2,8 and the 200 f/4. Very happy..will be adding another OM4 soon...once i figure out how to harness the power of that awesome meter!
  14. unclepiak
    Just decided to have OM-1n and happy that there's a user group here. Hope that I'll get the good one recently.
  15. wblynch
    Welcome uncleplax, 786ozmanix and all newcomers!
  16. Casspius
    Hi, everyone!
    I'm also new to Olympus OM system. Four months ago I received an Olympus OM2n with T20 flash unit, Zuiko 50mm 1.4 MC and Zuiko 200mm 4.0. Since then, I CLA-ed myself (I have two right hands when it comes to mechanisms and electronics) and replaced the prism, the pressure plate, the light seals. Now, everything seems to be in perfect order, but I still have one issue: with brand new batteries (v357 silver oxide), in manual mode, the meter seem to show a little underexposure compared to my Nikon FM2n using the same ISO, at the same speed and the same aperture. There is someone who know why?
    PS: Sorry for my bad English
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