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The Olympus OM cult

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  1. Uncle Bill
    Welcome to other Olympus OM users, my name is Bill and I have two OM-1's and an OM-2n on the way in the mail.

    Please feel free to say contribute, post photos from your Olympus Gear and share information.
  2. RH Designs
    RH Designs
    Hi Bill,

    An OM user for 30 years, I've never felt any need to change horses, especially for the auto-everything plastic stuff of recent years. As long as my OM-4tis keep going, so will I - that metering system is a work of genius ...
  3. Shiny
    My first good 35mm was an OM, i now have an OM-1n and an OM-2n. I usually take both wherever i'm going, along with 28mm, 50mm & 135mm Zuikos and that's all i need!

  4. two40
    Hi all, I bought an OM-1 with the advice of a friend who is a member here at APUG and never looked back. It's such a pleasure to use. I also love their 35 SP. Both are my favourite cameras and I swap between them after a roll each.
  5. Vincent Brady
    Vincent Brady
    Hi everybody I've an OM-2n bought new in 1980 and 2 No. OM 4Ti's one bought new and the other one bought second hand plus a good collection of lenses. The OM 4 I use for HIE. I refused to trade them in when I moved over to Nikon and I don't regret it.
  6. triplet
    Hello everybody.. I use OM camera's for 25 years now. Started with an OM-1 and now I use an OM-2SP and an OM-4, which is now my favourite. It's really one of the nicest camera's I've ever laid hands on!
    The spot-meter button is so easy to use... it's stored in the memory at the same time... wonderful!
    The only shame is Olympus discontinued the system so early!
  7. pjwaffle
    I am not a major fan of the Olympus OMs but my grandpa has a Olympus OM-707 that I use a lot.
  8. Vincent Brady
    Vincent Brady
    I wonder how many members have "How to Select & Use OLYMPUS SLR cameras" by Carl Shipman published in 1989 by HPBooks ? I find it a great book to check out how to use various pieces of auxiliary hardware that I might come across.
  9. brass majestic
    brass majestic
    Hello everyone. I'm a long time Nikon user. Years ago I had an OM-1 but didn't use it much and ended up giving it to my nephew. After a while I sort of regretted it. Then late last year I succumbed to that longing and bought first one and then another OM-1n body off eBay. The 2 lenses I have for them are the 50mm f/1.8 F.Zuiko Auto-S and the 28mm f/2.8 Zuiko Auto-W. I still haven't shot that much or enough to compare, quality-wise, to my Nikkor lenses. But I have this "feeling" or sense that the Zuikos are not as sharp or otherwise as "good". Any comments or reassurances from regular users that it is indeed all in my head? Even tho I expect to get the obvious advice, I just thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks
  10. wiltw
    Hello, I am a very long time Olympus user, since I bought a new OM-1, then upgraded to OM-1n, then bought a used OM-4. Considerable inventory of Olympus gear, but I am proudest of the 24mm f/3.5 PC lens, which doubled in price on the used market, compared to the price I paid for it new! And I do have an old copy of Shipman's book, as well as the Olympus System Lens Handbook published by Olympus in 1985.
  11. Vincent Brady
    Vincent Brady
    Before people rush off to buy Carl Shipman's book I should point out that it only covers the following cameras: OM-88, OM77af, omPC, OM-4 , OM -4T plus Infinity SuperZoom 300,- LENSES - FLASH UNITS - ACCESSORIES - MOTOR DRIVES & WINDERS, CLOSE-UP & MACRO - OTHER APPLICATIONS.
    Hope this is helpful. One last question " Were any people members of the Olympus Camera Club in the UK"? I have a collection of magazines from November 1984 entitled Olympus Camera Club NEWS? This is intended as a statement and not as a sales pitch.

  12. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Hi Brass Majestic,

    I am also a heavy duty Nikon user and I really like the OM system and the feel of the Zuiko lenses too. They are different, neither Nikkor or Zuiko are inferior in terms of optical quality, just different and I can't quantify it either.

    What I do love about the OM system and Zuiko lenses is their light weight when on a long hike if you are packing multiple bodies, your back appreciates it that.
  13. brass majestic
    brass majestic
    Uncle Bill,
    Yes, the weight. Even carrying around both OM-1s w/a lens on each and a Winder-1 on one of them and a small hand meter in my shirt pocket is so much lighter than what I used to carry. I used to shoot a lot of trade union rallys, conventions, demonstrations, etc with 2-Nikon F2 bodies w/an MD-2 motor drive and MB-1 battery pack on each. Not to mention a bag with other lenses,etc. But that's a topic for one of the Nikon Groups.
  14. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Well I developed the test roll of Tri-x in my OM-2n, I really like the results (see the pictures in the gallary). I will have to replace the rear seals shortly and I have the kit on the way from Jon Goodman. Not bad for $29.
  15. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Hi folks,
    I have been using the OM system for 30+ years, in fact I still have my original OM-1 non-MD. I was in the photo trade at the time and I recall the first time the Olympus rep. showed me the camera. It was so neat and light compared with anything else around at the time. I was hooked and I bought the first one to arrive in stock. Since then I have added OM-2's and a 2N to my outfit along with lenses from 28 to a recently purchased 300mm, all superb. My main areas of interest these days are natural history, close-up and macro photography. My only regret is that Olympus chose to abandon such a wonderful system in favour of d*****l so readily.
  16. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    This site is well worth a visit for info. on the OM system.

  17. Vincent Brady
    Vincent Brady
    That's a great site Allan, thanks a lot.
  18. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill

    That is the reason why I have a lot of cameras. I really like their lens resource pages.
  19. Ken N
    Ken N
    Greetings from a LONG-time OM-List member.

    Ken (aka AG-Schnozz) Norton
  20. Ken N
    Ken N
    Ok, this group is just a wee bit to quiet. I see that Mr. RH Designs is here in the group. Did you all realize that their darkroom meters function essentially identically to an OM-4x or OM-3x in manual mode? Both have multi-spot metering. With the OM's metering system, you imagine the grayscale and move the metering pips around to where you want them on that grayscale, whereas with the darkroom meter, there is a sample grayscale on the meter.

    Both are pure genius. It is a pleasure to be able to use the same exposure working method for both picture taking and printing.

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