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What's in the bag today?

  1. Ken N
    Today's camera bag is a throwback to days past--before the age of Digital Cameras and mega-zooms. Contained is an OM-3Ti with 24/2.8 mounted, a 50/3.5 macro, 100/2.8, 200/4 and 300/4.5. All of which is contained in a quite small camera bag. The 300/4.5 is probably the heaviest part of the entire kit and even at that, the bag is comfortable to carry.

    Obviously, this isn't "all inclusive" of the OM kit, but is a nice walkabout kit without breaking the shoulder.

  2. Ken N
    Ken N
    Here is the current "Olympus Living History Farm".

    From left to right:
    Zuiko 300/4.5 (Silvernose)
    Olympus IS-3 with G-40 Flash
    OM-4T with MD2 and 50/3.5 macro (Silvernose)
    Zuiko 35/shift
    Zuiko 100/2.8 (Silvernose)
    Zuiko 35/2.8 (Silvernose)
    OM-3Ti with T45 flash, MD2 and 35-80/2.8 zoom
    OM-2S with 24/2.8 (blacknose)
    Olympus E-1 with 14-54 Zoom and Battery grip
    Zuiko 200/4 (Silvernose)

    Not shown:
    Tokina AT-X 100-300/4 in OM mount
    Various other flash gear and myriad of accessories

    The entire kit is in active professional use.

  3. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    My Olympus kit:

    OM-1, OM-1md and OM-2n bodies.
    28 f3.5, 35 f2.8, 50 f1.4 x1, 50 f1.8 x2, 135 f3.5, 70-150 F4 telephoto zoom and a Kiron made Vivitar Series One 75 210 Macro Zoom lens(does not leave home too often, it weighs a ton).
  4. Vincent Brady
    Vincent Brady
    Zuiko 100/2.8 (Silvernose)
    Ken I have not seen the term "Silvernose" used to describe a lens before. What exactly does it mean?

  5. Ken N
    Ken N
    "Silvernosed" lenses have chrome on the filter-ring as well as on the edging of the aperture control. If you click on the image of the "Olympus Living History Farm" above, you will see many of the lenses have this additional chrome.

    Silvernosed lenses are the oldest Zuikos and in certain circumstances and in a couple situations are actually the better lenses--especially for B&W work.
  6. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Today I went out on a shoot and kept it simple. Used just an OM4Ti and a Zuiko 28mm f2.8. The case I used was an old Lowe one which has enough room just for one body and one lens. I have had this case since 1982!

    Cheers Chris
  7. mopar_guy
    I will try and head out later today.

    In the camera bag: OM-4T body with Kodachrome, OM-4T body with TMX, Zuiko 85mm f2, Zuiko 28mm f2.8, Zuiko 21mm f2.
  8. Ken N
    Ken N
    Lately, I've been going out with a very simple kit: OM-3Ti with 35 F2.8 lens. Not always, but that seems to be the one configuration I am LIKING to carry.
  9. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi Ken

    Sometimes one body and one lens is the way to go! I manged to find some time last Sunday to take some pictures. The weather was brilliant! I went out with an OM4Ti teamed up with a Zuiko 28mm f2.8 and a polarising filter, plus an OM2n armed with a Zuiko 200mm f5. Both cameras were loaded with Kodachrome KR64. The trip was loads of fun!

    Cheers Chris
  10. PeteD
    At the moment my bag has OM2SP (arrived this morning) OM10 and OM30 bodies with Winder 2, 28mm wide angle, 35 -70, 75 - 150 and 100 -200 zooms plus T20 flash and a few accessories.

  11. mopar_guy
    Yikes. I love to come back to these threads from a couple of years ago and revisit the idea to see what has changed. Sadly I am not carrying Kodachrome anymore. I am not really shooting all that much slide film either.

    Here is the inventory in the bag: 21mm f2 Zuiko, 24mm f2 Zuiko, 35mm f2 Zuiko, 85mm f2 Zuiko, 100mm f2 Zuiko. Kodak Ektachrome E100VS, Kodak T-Max 400. Filters, cable release, spare silver oxide batteries.
    I generally carry my old beater tripod and I have the OM-4T with either a 50mm f2 macro or a 50mm f1.4 mounted and I leave the camera body on the car seat beside me.

  12. Austinite
    For me it's a black OM2n, 28 2.8, 50 1.4, 50 3.5 macro, 100 2.8 and 135 2.8. I also have an OM1 that I use for slow film and tripod use. Tmax 400 is most always loaded in the OM2n.
  13. darinwc
    I went for a walk today. I had a OM-2 with 50mm f1.4 and 135mm f2.8. I did not find much interesting today, but what I did find I shot with the 135mm. I would not have been able to make 2 of the shots with the 85.
    I am starting to warm up to the 135 I guess.
  14. PeteD
    Today I have OM10, OM40, 28-48 and 100-200 zoom plus a 135 f3.5 and accessories.

  15. PeteD
    All change lol. todays bag contains an OM4 body, 100-200 xoom and 135 and 200 mm prime lenses plus a T20 flash.

  16. wblynch
    OM-2n, OM-3, 50/1.8, 75-150/4, 35-70/3.5 and some Portra 160. Kodak Gold 400 and Tmax 400. Oh, and a Stylus Infinity. Great day.
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