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  1. mopar_guy
    We now have 80 members here! Thanks for joining and I hope to here more from you.
  2. George S.
    George S.
    " "it seems that nobody uses OM film cameras anymore".

    I do... & you just forced me to stop lurking & join up..... :-) "

    Me too! I have been using OMs since the late 70s too. Took a detour to LeicaLand but always had two OMs at the ready. Recently dumped all the Leica gear and came back to Olympus. Just added some lenses and a new body and am ready to go.

  3. Jeff L
    Jeff L
    I was give an OM2 by a neighbour that went to a digital point and shoot. I knew digital was good for something. I am really enjoying the camera it's beautiful to use.
  4. MJFerron
    Yes Chris is a nice look for a lot of subjects. I'm usually loaded with B&W (Delta 100) But if it's color it's Velvia.
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