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Another new group member

  1. mopar_guy
    Greetings all,
    I am new to APUG and new to this group. My first camera was an OM-2S Program that I purchased in 1984 along with a couple of Tokina zooms in OM mount. I have been adding to and using my OM cameras ever since. I currently have two OM-4T bodies, two OM-2S bodies, Zuiko 21mm f2, 28mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f2, 100mm f2, 500mm f8, F-280 flash, T-32 flash, two Motor Drive 2 with Ni-Cad packs and a bunch of accessories.

    I have also decided to break out some of this great gear and give Kodachrome a send-off.

    I look forward to sharing with other Olympians.

  2. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Welcome mopar guy. OM and KR64 are made for each other! I managed to expose a roll of KR64 today using my OM4Ti and a Zuiko 28mm f2.8. Hopefully I will be able to send it off tomorrow. Being in the UK the time it takes to get the film back varies from 2 - 4 weeks. I have received a few rolls back recently and I am delighted with the results.

    Cheers Chris
  3. Ken N
    Ken N
    Hi Dave. Looks like you have a pretty decent OM setup there. Anything in particular you like to photograph?
  4. mopar_guy
    I'm not to picky about my subject matter. I guess mostly I like to do scenery. What I do least is people shots. Lately I have been doing more bigger formats. I got a Mamiya RB 67 pro SD a few years back that I use occasionally and I have a few Speed Graphics and a Graflex Super D in 3 1/4 x 4 1/4. I use Black and White, color slide and color print.

    I always seem to pick up my OM-4T now and again. I really like the way it handles and I really like my Zuikos. It is great to use my 21mm f2.0. I bought it new over 20 years ago before I got married. There is something about a superwide lens that is unique. My 35mm outfit is just so versatile and can do so many different things.

    Just bought a film scanner (it hasn't got here yet) and I want to start going through my old negatives and slides. I would like to share some of my new and old work in the near future.

    This looks like a fun forum to share with others.

  5. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi Dave

    I agree that using a super wide is really good and I am glad I have a Zuiko 21mm in my collection. Mine is the f3.5 version and I am planning to use it on my next trip.

    Cheers Chris
  6. Vincent Brady
    Vincent Brady
    Hi Dave and welcome to the Olympus group. I reckon development peaked in 35 mm camera's when the OM4Ti came along.

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