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New member. And, OM-1: Just how quiet?

  1. oshawafilmy
    Hi all, new member.

    I'm a recovering dslr user (well, I'll still use it for the odd portrait whose recipient needs it pronto) who recently got a Nikon F3, first film camera in a long time... and I've had many, many.

    If I'm gonna do 35mm again, then I darn well want small! I mostly like the F3 for its functionality, but it's pretty big too. So I sprung for an OM-1 on Ebay that I got for $60 including 50/1.8 and shipping. Looking forward to it.

    My question: I've seen how small this thing is compared to an F3, but what is an OM-1's shutter sound like compared to the thwack! of the F3?

  2. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    It's much more subtle, softer, not as loud as my Hasselblad, but louder than my Rolleiflex. I still think it's probably the quietest SLR focal plane shutter of its day. I don't know about more recent models from other manufacturers 'cause once you're into the OM system there's no need to look anywhere else!
    Welcome to the group, you'll need to know about the battery conversion and light seals if this hasn't been done.

    Regards - Allan.
  3. oshawafilmy
    Thanks for the welcome. I've read about conversion and light seals, and depending on how much I like the camera and what its condition is like, may just send it to camtech... or, buy the adapter to take the newer batteries...
  4. mopar_guy
    The OM-1 should definitely be a little quieter than your F-3.
  5. MJFerron
    It's quieter than my Nikon FE as well.
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