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OM-1 film advance lever

  1. Rick A
    Okay, my OM-4 has been shelved for several years now-in need of a serious CLA, so I've been using my OM-1, today the film advance lever failed to return on its own(sigh), it's been a little sluggish, and feels like it needs a lube job. How hard is it to replace the spring, and perform a home lube? My new(to me)OM-1 hasn't arrived yet, i'm growing a tad impatient to handle it.
    Sheesh, I'm getting the blues. I might have to pick my Contax up for a while to satisfy the 35mm needs.

  2. George S.
    George S.
    It depends on why the lever didn't return and is it all locked up now? OMs get into an "overwound" condition. Sometimes an experienced user can take off the bottom plate and fiddle with one of several levers and unstick it. But this is usually an indication that the camera needs a CLA, as even if you do unstick it, the problem will probably return. And if you don't have a good idea of just what exactly every gear and lever does, you won't be able to service it yourself. When you remove the bottom plate it's a little intimidating what you'll see in there. It's packed with gears, levers and springs.

    My advice is to bite the bullet and just send both camera bodies off to John at Zuiko.com When they return you won't believe how smooth they are and will give you many more years of service.
  3. Rick A
    Rick A
    The lever hasn't been over wound, it just wont return of its own volition, and is somewhat sluggish, like the grease is stiff. Other than that it still functions, its just a PITA to return it manually. I've loked at the exploded view drawing, and it appears the return spring is under the top plate, and beyond my capabilities. I suppose I could just buy a winder and not fuss with it for now.

  4. Rick A
    Rick A
    Well, I put a winder-2 on my OM-1, works just fine, save for one slightly annoying thing, the stupid film advance lever swings out when the motor winds the film. The danged thing smacked me on the eyebrow and startled me. I wrapped a stiff rubber band around it to hold it in position, so far it works.
  5. mopar_guy
    Be careful, you could put an eye out
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