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  1. granafine
    Hi all,

    I have just joined this group. I feel I need to spend a few words to intoduce myself.
    So, I live in Milano, Italy. I'm currently 43 and practicing photography since 23 years, more or less.
    I started with an OM-4 back in 1987 and still stick to the OM system, even though other cameras and systems started to populate my shelves along the years.
    I'm currently owning and actively using the following OMs: OM-1MD, OM-1n, OM-2MD, OM-2SP, OM-4Ti, OM-40. Plus a bunch of lenses and accessories, of course.
    My favourite shooter is always the OM-1n, due to her unique mechanical feeling and the softness and smoothness of shutter release and film advance.
    I'm starting to move from color negative and transparencies to home-processed and printed black & white, so that's the reason for I joined APUG and found out this group.
    Already too much words for a brief presentation...


  2. mopar_guy
    Sounds like you could be my brother.
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