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OM-1 and Flashbulbs

  1. mopar_guy
    The OM-1 has a setting for using Focal Plane flash bulbs to synchronize at any shutter speed up to 1/1000 second. I was wondering if Olympus made a bulb flash unit. What types of bulb flash could be used. GE made #6 focal plane bulbs and Sylvania made #26 Focal Plane type bulbs. I was wondering if anyone had information about this.
  2. Ron O
    Ron O
    I'm sure the original poster has gone on from this question. But if any one is interested. My recent investigations into the OM Flashphoto Group lead me to a picture of the OM system from the M-1/OM-1 era that had pictures of some pre T flashes. I found info on what I think they are. One is a Olympus Flash CL which uses AG-1/B flashbulbs. The other is a PS-100G. They both were used with the Pen cameras. They are both horizontally mounted. Have found one of the Flash CL's, still looking for the PS-100G. The PS-200 and PS-200 Quick are mentioned in the OM-1 Om-2 brochure. One of the system pictures I have found includes a black horizontally mounted flash that I have not identified yet. It is interesting that with the introduction of the OM system there was not a flash photo system until the release of the Quick 300 and 310. All the other "groups" were mostly complete at the introduction.
  3. mopar_guy
    Thanks for the reply Ron. Those are the same as my own conclusions. I have had to look outside of the Olympus made products to find a more usable approach. I have been using a Graflex flash bracket and a Graflite connected to the PC socket on my OM-1. Using Focal Plane bulbs such as the GE #6 or #6B or Sylvania FP 26 or Sylvania FP 26B allows the camera to use flash bulb at any shutter speed up to 1/1000 second. Just make sure that the selector control at the PC socket is switched to the FP setting. This gives a result that is like using the F-280 Flash in Super FP mode with an OM-4T.
  4. Ron O
    Ron O
    Looking forward to trying bulb flash with my early OM's .
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