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Fresh newbie!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. gnedkov
    Hi there all of you OM fans!

    My name is George, from Sofia, Bulgaria and I am an OM addicted.

    So how to start. It started with an innocent OM 10 purchase with a Makinon 28/2.8 and manual adapter. Back then I only thought "lets try, I can always quit, just a shot to see how it is".

    A film another film and ......... now I'm fully into it. Totally addicted guy with an OM problem. I have two OM10 both totally equipped.
    My OM Orgy is like this 2 X Zuiko 50/1.8, one Zuiko 50/1.4 (silver nose but quite good), Makinon 28/2.8 (great cheap lens), Cimko MT 28/2.4 (unknown but good piece of glass with impressive colors), Sigma 24/2.8 (needs a little repair), Hoya 135/2.8 (cheap and just great portrait lens) and a Vivitar 80-210/4.5-5.6 (not the series 1 but quite good), an Ensinor X2 convertor....
    here it is how its look like.


    The excess is that I just bought an OM2n ... tell when this will stop!!!!
    Regards to all
  2. Ken N
    Ken N
    George, welcome.

    Effectively, there is no end to the disorder. Wait till you really experience the joys of that OM-2n. Then you'll be getting an OM-4Ti, an OM-1, and a bunch of other cameras in duplicate. Of course, the Holy Grail is the OM-3Ti, but let's get you started with the attainable stuff first.

    Of the lenses, there are a couple of tiers of lenses. As a general rule, the F2 lenses are the top quality stuff, but that's kinda irrelevant as the "normal" lenses are almost always quite excellent.

  3. mopar_guy
    Hi George,

    I also have a 50mm 1:1.4 Silvernose Zuiko mounted on my OM-4T and I have been using this combination with Kodak Tri-X lately. I really like the 50/55mm focal length standard lenses and use them over 90% of the time. Enjoy you Olympus gear.

  4. Prest_400
    Welcome George,

    I also suffered of "Zuikoholism" in the earlier days, but somehow, I got ridden of most of it.
    Got a 28 f3.5; 50 f1.8 MiJ and 135 f3.5 triplet. Does everything I want to. Sometimes I miss a wider aperture when using slower film, specially on the 28 and 135mm. I always end returning to the 50mm.
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