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OM-2n film transport.

  1. Allan Swindles
    Hi folks,

    Film transport problem with my OM-2n when Winder 1 is fitted. I am finding that occasionally, after making an exposure, the film is moved two or three frames, resulting of course to blank film. This does not happen when using the lever wind. All my exposures are longer than 1/30 to facilitate the use of macro flash. When it occurs the winder obviously runs for longer and lacks the sharp positive sound of a single frame wind-on. It isn't batteries, that's the first thing I replaced before I had the film processed. I would stress that this is an intermittent problem and does not occur after every exposure. Ideas anyone

    Regards - Allan.
  2. Ken N
    Ken N
    Allen, I saw this problem years ago with one of my winders on an OM2md. I have no answer for you.
  3. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Thanks for the reply Ken, it's certainly got me stumped. It only seems to occur on exposures longer than 1/30th sec., anyway I've simply removed the winder as a temporary measure. BTW, nice shot of the moon and masts on Zone 10.
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