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Zuiko 100-200mm f/5

  1. RH Designs
    Hi all

    Just picked up a 100-200 f5 and the focus ring can be turned a few mm beyond the infinity mark. Can anyone please confirm whether this normal for this lens? Setting the lens to the inifinity mark appears to give accurate focus at infinity.


  2. mopar_guy
    I believe that some of the longer focal length Zuikos are the same way. I know that my 500mm Reflex will turn past the infinity focus mark.
  3. RH Designs
    RH Designs
    Thanks - I haven't come across this before, all my other Zuiko zooms stop at the infinity mark, but it sounds as if there's not a problem.
  4. Rick A
    Rick A
    My 100-200 does that as well. I have never had any problems with it.
  5. RH Designs
    RH Designs
    That's what I wanted to hear, thanks
  6. mopar_guy
    I am trying to remember something that I read a few years ago. This post has jogged an old memory. If I remember correctly, Olympus felt that the focus of some of its super tele lenses might change slightly under certain conditions (very warm temperatures) so they built these lenses to allow the focus ring to turn past infinity.
  7. Ken N
    Ken N
    I vaguely remember mine doing that. I sold it years ago, but recall that being one of the traits of the lens.

    Of course, I had a Soligor that did the opposite.
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