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difference between om4 and om4t/i

  1. darinwc
    Hello, I'm new to the group.
    What is the difference between the OM4 and OM4t/i?
    I have a OM4 myself.
  2. Q.G.
    Material (?)/finish of top and bottom covers. (It's not "t/i", but "ti", for "titanium").
    And the ability to do FP-flash using the appropriate Olympus flash unit ("ti" has, plain hasn't).
  3. mopar_guy
    OM-4 had a reputation of eating batteries, so OM-4T has an updated circuit board.
    OM-4 could use the T series flashes in TTL mode while the OM-4T could also use the F-280 flash in Super FP mode for synchronization at any shutter speed up to 1/2000. I like the Champagne color on my OM-4T.
  4. E76
    Some OM4s actually have the improved, battery saving circuity mopar_guy mentions. Put the camera in battery test mode and if it shuts off after a minute or so automatically, you have the newer board.
  5. eggen
    Hi there,

    this is a very good link for the OM groupies. http://olympus.dementia.org/
  6. Ken N
    Ken N
    The seals were also improved in the Ti models. The top plate is just a touch taller in the Ti models to accomodate the better seals.
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