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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. matthewm
    Hi guys... I'm new to the Olympus scene but have always wanted to try them as I've heard great things about their stuff. I was perusing Craigslist last night and found an OM-4, 50/1.8, 50/3.5 Macro w/ Case, 28/3.5 w/ Case, Tokina 100-300/5.6 (not a great lens, but I'll stick it on the shelf) and on Oly Winder 2. The camera has some brassing and one corner near the shutter button has a pretty good scuff, but it's functioning fine (I think). I got it all for $230 which I'm not sure is a GREAT deal, but it was pretty fair I think. Looking forward to trying it all out.
  2. bazza59
    Hi - another newbie.
    In the last month I have acquired from ebay an OM-1 (£21.00), OM-40 (0.99) untested but works fine and a T32 (0.99). These have added to the OM-10 I have had for almost 30 years. Now all i need to do is learn how to use them!!!!
  3. darinwc
    Welcome Olympians!
    There is something about this system that is special. You will not be disappointed.

    I just bought a 85mm f2. Somehow I managed to get it for under $300. I cant wait to put it through its paces.
  4. MattKing
    I found a Zuiko 50mm f/3.5 macro lens at a recent camera show. I've been looking for one for a while, and at less than $50.00 I am very happy.
  5. mopar_guy
    Two words. Telephoto madness. I got a 400mm f6.3 Zuiko. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
  6. bluedog
    Just bought a OM varimagnifinder. Not sure if I will use it - but it was a bargain.
  7. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    My latest OM purchase was a shoe-4 for my OM-2n. My next purchase planned for a few weeks from now is a Zuiko 28 f2.8 lens along with a T-32 flash.
  8. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Well, the Zuiko 28 f2.8 is going to have to wait for a bit, I picked up a really nice OM-4 this afternoon and I have a test roll of Plus X in it right now.
  9. PeteD
    In the last couple of months I've bought an Olympus OM10 with manual adaptor (£20) a motor drive 2 (£13) an OM2n with 3 lenses (£33) an OM20 body (50p, long story sort of) 2x t20 and 1 t32 flash plus various other goodies. I also have an OM1n purchased new in 1982.

  10. Fernando
    i'm not that sure, ...but I think my last one was a genuine Olympus Skylight 1A 49mm filter

    the one before must have been the f=170mm close up lens for the Macro 80mm ƒ/4, I bought that one together with the 1.4X-A.
    and yes, after I had those, I bought a LNIB Macro 50mm ƒ/3,5
  11. Snapper
    A nice looking 24/2.8
  12. Brokenmatt
    Junk shop- mouse holed Oly leather softbag with....wait for it... near perfect 75-150! Cashier saw the mouse hole and asked "it it stinky?" I offered that it probably was and she said "$5.00 and no returns, we got enough stinky stuff in here!" Just for the record, the bag was stinky but the lens is sweet!
  13. PeteD
    Just got a mint Zuiko 100-200 zoom from ebay.

  14. Jim Simon
    Jim Simon
    Mine was an f2.8 24mm off eBay for about £60 i think. It is simply the sharpest Zuiko I have, but I am of the opinion that there must be some sort of sample variation in the Zuikos, so I guess I'm lucky with this one. I'm also lucky in that my 135mm f3.5 is also extremely sharp, but I bought that ... 35 years ago. I've also recently begun using my OM1n much more than the OM2SP. I like the back to basics feel and the meter simply never lets me down (had it converted a year ago with a service). So; OM1 and 24mm = perfect.
  15. PeteD
    2x hot shoe 4 from ebay at a very good price.

  16. PeteD
    OM40 plus accessories for £25 from Ebay.

  17. flash26c
    An OM2n and a 28mm f2.8
  18. Parsley
    I picked up my first OM, an early OM-2 - the one with the RESET * on the bottom of the lens mount. I got it at the annual Lichtensteig Photo flea market. It's in excellent condition, no dents at all, has been recently serviced. Came with the manuals and a brown leather ERC that's in amazing condition.

    I always lusted after one as back in the 70s the chairman of our local camera club had one, when I just had a tatty Edixa-mat. It looked so very sexy (the OM-2, not the Edixa...)

    I found a 28mm f2.8 at my local camera store (shhh, wife doesn't know yet).

    I haven't put any film through her yet; erm, what am I doing here talking to you lot? I'm off to show my new OM-2 the sights. Bye!

    P.S. here's the link to the Lichtensteig annual photo flea market - http://www.photoflohmarkt.ch/
  19. PeteD
    Just picked up a non working (supposedly) OM10 body for £8 with the intention of doing up my old battered OM10, stuck batteries in it and it works. Also got an OM30 body with Sun 28-80 1:3.5-4.4 macro zoom for £10.50.

  20. flash26c
    Gee Pete, same thing happened to me! I bought an OM10 w/manual adapter and 50mm f1.8 lens for $9.00. Stuck new batteries in and presto, it works like a champ. All I really wanted was the manual adapter and now I have yet another camera to feed.

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