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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. PeteD
    Nice one Ron. I now have 7 camera bodies here and for some unknown reason I'm still looking at others.

  2. PeteD
    Just picked up an OM2 Spot Program with 2 lenses for £35.

  3. steve prior
    steve prior
    Just run a film through my lastest purchase of a mint condition OM-3 and I have to say I simply love this camera.
  4. goldfinch
    a manual adapter and 50mm f 1.8 for my old buddy OM10
  5. wblynch
    Got a beat up OM1md with 50/1.8 for parts. Intend to resurrect my original OM1md from 1975 that is suffering wear issues. Organ Transplants-R-Us.
  6. Peninsula
    For this, my first foray into SLR photography, I've gone for the OM series. After a bit of reading around the web I picked OM due to the wide selection of reasonably priced bodies, lenses, and of course the resultant quality shots. I really like the weight, feel, and classic look of the cameras and, as a first-time SLR user, the satisfying snap! As I'm a beginner I went for an OM-10 as they're less expensive and at this stage I don't think I need the more advanced features.

    I've somehow ended up with 3 OM-10 bodies! My first purchased camera having a possible defunct body bundled with it (£30 for two bodies with 1 x 50mm/1.8 - the spare body seems to work but haven't put film thru yet). My second camera was bought for the T20 flash it came with (bargain £20 with instruction booklet, a 50mm/1.8, cable release, strap, manual adapter & Hoya skylight). I'm having issues with the flash, though it might be my inexperience, so I will ask for help in another thread!

    This third body is in pristine condition, with new light seals and no cosmetic damage. At the moment I have Ilford 400 B+W in it. Still early days for me as this is my first roll and I have yet to see the results.

    Also bought a 28mm/3.5 wide angle on impulse, but failed to read the description fully and ended up with a lens slightly affected by fungus which I hope will not appear on the exposure. Currently looking out for a zoom or two of some sort, in and around 80-200 range.

    Thanks for listening to/reading me spout about these lovely cameras which I hope I will own and enjoy for a very long time!
  7. wblynch
    Nice start with those OM10's. They are fun little cameras.

    Keep that fungused lens away from the others. I hear that fungus will travel and infect your other equipment. I read that you can leave it out in the bright sunlight for a few days and kill the fungus but you might still have image loss.
  8. Peninsula
    Yes seen the sunlight thing too. With various reports of success or otherwise but its worth a go. It being January and London I might have to wait a while for full-on sunlight! Cheers for the tip. Plus I have a few silica gel sachets which I will keep in with it for time being. Looks like it was stored somewhere damp, as there is green corrosion on the DOF button. Unfortunate.

    In other news I got the T20 working, but only on the less than pristine body which I don't intend to keep, not on my preferred body. Gonna have to look into what has gone wrong with the shoe, and if I can repair. Hmmm.
  9. PeteD
    A black OM2n body to add to the collection.

  10. PeteD
    A near mint black OM1n with Tamron 35 - 70 zoom to add to the collection.

  11. Smallcreep
    A chrome OM-2n plus many bits and pieces, and a couple more lenses though I promised myself I wouldn't. Blame it on the male menopause. Now, just need to find somewhere handy to hide it all from significant other ...
  12. wblynch
    Trouble is you can't buy a body without taking a lens or two with it. For some reason "body-only" sales are double the price of a whole kit.

    I think it's the seller's mentality. Those selling a whole setup found in the closet versus those thinking they are the shrewd businessperson, piecing them out.
  13. mopar_guy
    The last thing was a 1-4N focusing screen. Before that, a lens hood for my 21mm f2 Zuiko.
  14. eggen
    I just (4.4.2012) bought Zuiko 2x teleconverter. I'm going to try it with my Zuiko 600/6.5 lens. I know that 2x teleconverter is not designed to use with this lens but still I'll try. It fits very well and a first film is already shooted but not developed (Fujichrome).
  15. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I found an Olympus 1.4x converter recently.Works well with my Zuiko 180mm. Wish I could afford the 600mm on *bay
  16. Ty90
    New to the forum/group.

    Picked up an OM20, with 28mm miranda lens, 75-300mm miranda lens, original 50mm zuiko lens and 2x teleconverter. Also came with flash filters and 3 58mm topcon filters.
    All for the grand total of...

  17. mopar_guy
    Last year I bought a 600mm Zuiko S.N. 101877 for $800.

  18. PeteD
    A black OM10 with Vivitar 28-135 zoom and a 5m remote lead for Winder 2.

  19. ocalheiros
    Just bought a superb zuiko 200mm f.4.0.
    Feels great.
  20. Ron O
    Ron O
    New to Group. Glad found it. My latest arrivals are a M-1 camera and a 50mm f1.8 FTL lens.
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