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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. wblynch
    As new, in the box, OM-2n in black. Used it today and it is perfect. Think I'll sell my champagne OM-4t now.

    Got another 50/1,4 Silver-Nose which will go perfect with my early chrome OM-1.
  2. wblynch
    Instead of selling the OM-4T I ended up buying an OM-3.

    Now I must sell some stuff. Spent too much money. But like the sick hoarder (ahem.... Collector) I am, I can't peel my fingers off of any.
  3. Ron O
    Ron O
    That I understand. I could not part with any of my OMs. Have an OM-3 but have not used it yet. Film still is fun.
  4. wblynch
    The OM-3 arrived and I'm excited to give it a workout.

    No matter what, I will always love the OM-1 best. It was my first camera.
  5. PeteD
    Another OM2 spot program camera plus 50mm f1.8 (got 5 of these lenses now) for £34. I know these camera's have their issues but for some reason I quite like the idea.

  6. Erland
    A week ago I asquired a Zuiko 85/2.0 and 200/4 in exelent conditon.
    Also Several focusing screens, a lens hood for my 50/1.4, a close-up lens, all new in boxes.
    And a T32 flash with zoom adapter
    As well as extenions rings and a couple of converters , one of them 3x(!) (not Olympus), and some filters.
    The day after tomorrow I'll probably get another black OM-1 and a 24/2.8.
    Got two OM-1's, a OM-4, seven different Zuiko lenses, motor drive and winder from earlier on, so then I don't need any more equipment and will be a very happy photograper...
  7. Ron O
    Ron O
    Wow that sounds like a fun week! Have fun with them all.
  8. Erland
    Thanks Ron, I'm thrilled..
    I have chosen to go back to film and the OM system for one simple reason, it's too perfect not to be used.
    Now I can be dreaming of a OM-3 Ti! And a 350/2.8!
  9. PeteD
    Just picked up an almost mint OM40 program body for £12.

  10. wblynch
    Good going there, PeteD !

    The OM-40/PC, with its ESP matrix metering, gives perfect exposures for slides.
  11. desertratt
    A frined recently gave an OM-10 with a 35mm and a 50mm lens. Everything looks brand new. I ran a roll of film through it and it came out fine. A very fine little camera with a large and bright viewfinder. I am not crazy about the shuteer-prererred mode and no manual mode but I can live with it. I love film cameras and film itself. I am currently having some prints made on canvas for a gallery exhibition. I have negstives from the 1960s and 1970s of Elvis, the Beatles, Sinatra, Lucille Ball -- and so on. Sure glad I have those fine film negatives to work off of.
  12. flash26c
    Desertratt, there is a manual adapter for the OM10 that makes it full manual. If you look on Eprey, I'm sure you can spot one on a camera for sale.
  13. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    I've just ordered a Zuiko 50-250mm Exc.++ from Ffordes. I have surprised myself because I am not a fan of zoom lenses but I need something to cover a multitude of situations quickly. I hope I'm not to be disappointed with the quality.
  14. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    It's arrived and it looks to be near mint. Only just had a chance to shoot a dozen or so frames with it on a OM-2 body, unfortunately, the weather was very overcast and the lighting very flat, so not a fair test really, but I await the results with interest.
  15. marko.oja
    A Zuiko 21/3.5 a couple of months ago, a friend brought it to me from the UK (LCE doesn't ship to Finland). A beauty.
  16. PeteD
    Just aquired an OM10 with 135mm f:3.5 for £10.50. only wanted it for the lens. I now have 4 OM10 bodies. Also an OM30 with 24-48mm zoom again just for the lens £24.

  17. mopar_guy
    I just got a lens hood for my 24mm f2.0 Zuiko.
  18. PeteD
    A manual adapter for OM10 and a T20 flash for £7.

  19. Ipno Tizer
    Ipno Tizer
    I bought an OM1 just before Christmas.

    And PeteD's just reminded me. I could do with a flash too.
  20. darinwc
    Snapper: 50mm f1.4 lenses with a serial number above 1.1m are rumored to be much better.
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