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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. wblynch
    A couple of months back I got a 35mm/2.8 still in its case and all like new. I have used it a couple of times and I am very pleased. (although I still like the 28mm/2.8 more).

    I'm pretty much done with OM stuff. The other lenses I would like to add are just too pricey due to the crazy Digi's.

    But if a nice 100mm/2.8 fell my way I would be happy to give it a home.
  2. beegee675
    I purchased a 35-70mm zoom that came on a OM-40 in great condition for the same cost in a lot of sources priced as the lens alone. Fortunately or unfortunately, one gets duplicates of lenses or bodies this way. So, you end up with backups, et al. Still the OM-40 is a neat shooter with the Winder 2. I like the movement of the manual wind in the 1's and 2's, but it seems to be less of a smooth thing in the rest, so I use the Winder 2 to advance the film and put less stress on the manual advance mechanisms. No use pushing the envelop on these 35-year olds. Right now, I'm shooting some BW400CN in an XA and it's neat to see what happens with moving the ASA around. It's got a lot of latitude without reciprocity, so it seems...
  3. PeteD
    "Fortunately or unfortunately, one gets duplicates of lenses or bodies "

    I know what you mean, I currently have 5x 50mm f1:8 lenses, 4x OM10,2x OM30, 2xOM40 plus assorted other lenses (non zuiko) that came with bodies.

  4. beegee675
    I haven't experienced an OM 30... it's supposably Olympus' first attempt at AF lenses, but I can't seem to get any info on the type of lenses it uses or how they work. Are they the AF or Powerfocus ones that showed up for the OM 77 + 88? Or are they a different animal entirely?
  5. PeteD
    For a pic of the auto focus(?) lens for the OM30 look here


    I've never actually set eyes on one and there's only been 1 on ebay uk in recent months. My latest OM30 came with the 28-48 f4 which was all I wanted, the in focus lights don't work on it either. I've never seen a black OM30/OM-F either.

  6. Ipno Tizer
    Ipno Tizer
    An OM1n which I received just before Christmas. I wanted one since I was a teenager. I recently got a test roll processed and everything seems to be working fine.

    I'm toying with the idea of loading a roll of FP4 tomorrow to get some pictures in the snow.

    Chris B.
  7. Ron O
    Ron O
    Most recent addition 85mm f2, 50-250zoom, and in the mail a 70-210zoom. Not a big fan of zooms but have the bug to get as many of the zuiko's that I can. Anxious to try the 85mm though. Lense get mixed reviews.
  8. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Ron O, I'm envious of your 85/f2. I've been after this lens for a long time but have never found one in good condition at a price I could justify. I have however, recently aquired a 50/250 Zuiko, my very first zoom and like you I'm not a fan of zoom lenses, but I'm not unimpressed with the results. I've not heard of any bad reports on the 85/2.
  9. Ron O
    Ron O
    Allan, Surprised by the size. Still uses the 49mm filters. Reports aren''t necessarily bad just "soft" Will check it out.
    Now in the mail a 35mm M system lens for my M-1 probably the only M system lens I'll ever own.
  10. baumgami
    Had an OM40 with 50/1.8 and 300mm/4.5, but the damn batteries always made the camera stop working. Few weeks ago I bought an OM-1 with 35mm/2.8. Now that's a difference - no batteries anymore
  11. beegee675
    So, I've put my extra bodies to work as extra "cassettes" to carry ready-to-use, without lenses attached, because they don't take up that much space in the bag. My OMPC40's don't seem to have any battery problems since I've use the correct silver oxide 357 or SR44W batteries... Yes, they don't seem to be as smooth an action as the OM 1 or 2's, but I've got some nice shots with them... They're all just different children from the same Mom...

  12. Ron O
    Ron O
    Just added 35-70mm f3.6 and ordered a 28mm f2. Taking out the zoom today to play, the 28mm should be here first of next week.
  13. Rob OM
    Rob OM
    Just received in my mail:

    Another OM-1n (was advertised as an OM-1, so now i have two 1n's )

    Came with the original Box, 3 Original Instruction Manuals (3 languages), Zuiko Lens Guide booklet

    A mint Zuiko 135 3.5, with the box, mint lenscase and even the instruction manual
    A mint 50mm 1.8, with the box and manual

    And a Philips computer flash
  14. Rob OM
    Rob OM
    Oh, this is embarrassing, posting twice in a row.

    OM-10 with a 50mm 1.8 (mirror is stuck half way, guess it needs some new batteries)

    Zuiko 35mm 2.8 Silver Nose
    Genuine Olympus Strap, the one with the cream and blue stripe.
    Unitax 80-200 4.0
    Original Olympus OM-10 Black Leather Case
  15. Ron O
    Ron O
    Don't be embarrassed count yourself lucky. Did just added a silver nose 28mm f2 to the collection. And today picked up a roll of Provia 100f shot last week with my OM-4t. Love that camera and its exposure system. Now to the scanner.
  16. VolksVegan
    I recently purchased the camera that is my reason for joining this group. My first Olympus other than a point and shoot, a yard sale find OM-1! It needed the light seals replaced, a timer lever for the front and a CLA, so it took a trip to The Camera Doctor in Decatur, GA. It came with a f1.8 50mm that has a bit of fungus in it. It is the sealed front element model, so I will try a few days in sunlight to see if that helps. It also came with a f2.8 28mm and a f4 75-150. I always admired the OM-1 as a kid and wanted one...can't wait to put film through this one!
  17. wblynch
    Welcome VolksVegan. Sunlight will help a lot.
  18. beegee675
    Got this note back from John Hermanson after inquiring about fungus...

    "Lenses develop fungus when stored in a damp climate. If caught early it can be cleaned out. Wait too long and it will appear on all elements,
    etch the glass and make the lens "beyond repair". Leaving them out in
    the sunlight will do nothing for a funus'd lens." -JH
  19. Ron O
    Ron O
    Lucky find this week. OM-1 pre MD everything seems to work. Looks in good shape. Came with a 135mm f2.8 also is good shape. Camera and lens cases included also in great condition.
  20. Jon202
    Just bought a 180mm F2.8 on Ebay and 80mm f4 macro (old type - manual) from Ffordes up in Scotland. Two brilliant lenses - pleased as punch!
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