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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. Rob OM
    Just got an OM-1 with a 50 1.8 Silver Nose and a 100mm 2.8 in good condition.
  2. Ron O
    Ron O
    Just received a 20mm f2 macro. Been looking for a long time..
  3. Ron O
    Ron O
    Good week for fast lenses. 24mm f2 and a 55mm f1.2 both Silver . Added bonus the 55mm came with an OM-2 (pre n) and a 28mm f3.5 Silver Nose
  4. darinwc
    wow did you get those locally or ebay?
    The local thrift stores around me have completely dried up. And Olympus gear was near impossible to find anyway.
  5. Ron O
    Ron O
    The 24 was though KEH, the 55 through ebay which is my primary source. I agree that OM equipment is hard to find locally esp here in Boise. Just added a 40mm f2 today, great week
  6. wblynch
    I guess we got spoiled with super cheap OM prices a few years back.

    Now the digi's have arrived and driving lens prices up and up and to crazyland.
  7. Ron O
    Ron O
    So true. Didn't really start to look for Olympus items till about 10 years ago and then rather sporadically. Prices weren't to bad. But the introduction of the digital SLR's and the adapters for the OM lenses. Have sent many of the prices to crazy heights. I admit I use some of my OM glass with my OM-D but really like the new lenses better on the digital cameras. Unfortunately the lenses that I don't have yet are the rarer (read expensive) ones. Maybe soon every one buying OM lenses for there digital cameras with figure out they aren't as easy to use as new lenses and will start dumping them back into the market.
  8. darinwc
    Well i've been content with my 24mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, and 85mm kit.
    But I've been longing for a 21mm f2. Someday maybe...
  9. Jon202
    Just bagged a 21mm F2, bit of a problem though doesn't come with a hood, I know that the hood for the 21mm f3.5 is also recommended for the 35mm shift lens, does the 35mm F2 hood also double up f
  10. Jon202
    Ooops post curtailed. Question I was asking was whether the 35mm F2 hood is also suitable for the 21mm F2?
  11. mopar_guy
    No. The 21mm f2.0 Zuiko uses 55mm filters and the 35mm f 2.0 also uses 55mm filters,but it is a screw on hood and it will vignette. The 21mm f 2.0 has a dedicated slide on hood and they are extremely hard to find.

  12. Jon202
    Thanks Dave, suspected that would be the case. Does anyone know of an alternative to the om hood?
  13. Ron O
    Ron O
    Jealous of the 21 f2. Great find still on my wish list. Another Olympus hood question. Any one seen a hood for the 40mm f2?
  14. mopar_guy
    You can use the hood from the 85mm f 2.0 on the 40mm f2.0. It works well and you can just grip the lens hood to change apertures.

  15. beegee675
    Just got a hold of an OM-30 (F)... with the autofocus zoom it was made for, it's an interesting sequence of model. The lens looks well made and it's supposed to work on all the single bodies. And with the M-cord, the winder 2, and a normal non-auto focus lens attached, it's a real trip in the OM size, albeit heavy. But we're talking tech 30 years ago. Neat, though. -Bob G.

  16. Jon202
    Hi all, another question. Does the close up filter for the 80mm auto macro work on the 80mm Manual (older version) macro lens? Thanks Jon
  17. Ron O
    Ron O
    Jon. Found a reference that the 80mm macro closeup lens is only for the newer 80mm macro auto. http://www.alanwood.net/photography/...-lens-170.html. Not sure what would happened if place on the manual lens. I might have to try it out. hope this helps. Alan Woods site is great for all things OM macro and micro,
  18. Jon202
    Hi Ron, went ahead and bought the filter,seems ok though fits the lens with no distortion of the image, have yet to try properly. Will post an update in a day or so when I've tested properly. Yes Alan Wood is the man, he was really helpful when I purchased the 80mm manual macro some months ago, very courteous and knowledgeable Regards Jon
  19. mopar_guy
    I have been looking for an Eyecoupler for about four years and I finally found one.

  20. Ron O
    Ron O
    Those are hard to find. I think it took me about that amount of time to find one. Most people probably don't know what the are. Did you find it local or online?
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