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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. mopar_guy
    eBay, but it was only mailed from 120 miles away.
  2. x100art
    I just ordered a 35mm 2.8f from KEH for $89 excellent condition. I also picked up a flash in a case for $15. I had a coupon sent as an email for free ground shipment.

    Not a bad deal.
  3. eggen
    I just bought an T28 Twin Macros Flash and T Power Contol 1. 45 euros all together on perfect condition.

    T. eggen
  4. MitzyG
    I thought I joined this group weeks ago, but I guess not.
    I have an OM4 which should arrive in the mail sometime b50mm f1.4etween tomorrow (Friday) and Tuesday of next week. I am pretty excited. Coming with a 50mm f1.4 lens from someone I know who does CLA on them himself.
    I am taking a film/developing/printing class at the UofOregon which started day before yesterday, so my first roll will have been shot with my trusty old Pentax K1000 (which I have sold to a fellow student and hope to deliver on Tuesday night). But after that it's Ommmmmm all the way!!
    Any good spots to look for additional lenses, accessories?
  5. Jon202
    Just taken delivery of a T45 flash, an absolute steal at £38 including delivery. No battery charge!r, so managed to bag one on Ebay for £39 plus postage. Think I've done well here
  6. darinwc
    Just traded for a 100mm f2.8. I am really surprised by how compact it is. It is just a hair larger than my 85mm f2.
  7. sesser
    Just joined the group here... most recent purchaces? 21/3.5, which is a neat little lens, and a 50/3.5 macro which should be here tomorrow.
  8. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Just arrived, an OM-4Ti /50mm. f1.8, yes, yet another 50/f1.8, but at silly price, too good to miss. So far, it seems to be a good buy, but if I find it does need a CLA and light seals, it would still be a snip.
  9. bimmey
    Just picked up a 50mm 2.0 Macro in very good condition. Fantastic lens!
  10. Ron O
    Ron O
    The 50mm f/2 macro is still on my want list. Envy you. The 90mm and 50mm f/2 are the only Zuiko macro's I don't have. Some day.
  11. greenbank
    Just joined APUG and this group (hooray for OM!).

    I've had an OM-1n (black body) and 50mm f/1.8 since they first hit the shelves in Brisbane in 1979, and never stopped loving it. Then I added a Sigma 24mm f/2.8, which is a brilliant lens (couldn't afford the Zuiko f/2.8, but to be honest I don't miss it). My wife eventually acquired an OM-2SP, but I never liked it as much as she did (couldn't get used to the spot-metering system, and it chews batteries like there's no tomorrow!).

    Recently I discovered the joys of the used market, so in the last year or so I have added another OM-1n body (chrome) and some additional Zuiko lenses - 135mm f/3.5, 200mm f/4, 75-150 f/4 zoom - all second-hand, in great condition, and at bargain prices (the zoom was £19, I jus couldn't pass it up!).

    Confession time - I also have a Pentax Spotmatic (yes, the M42 screw-mount body) with Takumar 55mm f/2 and 135mm f/3.5 lenses, also used at stunningly low prices. Not only is this another great classic like the OM-1, but it has sentimental value for me as my fist proper SLR (not counting a short-lived Praktica clunker). It works perfectly, but I don't plan to use it a lot, promise!
  12. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Another OM-4Ti body, that's 3 now but again at a very attractive price. I really must stop, I have the king and an heir and now a spare.

    Welcome greenbank, have your 1n bodies had the battery conversion?
  13. greenbank
    "Welcome greenbank, have your 1n bodies had the battery conversion?"

    Er - what battery conversion? Both of mine are using the PX-625A alkalines, which fit very nicely; I change them once a year (just as a precaution - they haven't run out on me yet). As far as I know this is the battery they have always used; I just wander into a camera shop (or a battery shop) and ask for "some more of these, please." Then I plug them into the cameras, and everything works just fine.

    What am I doing wrong that I don't know about?
  14. mopar_guy
    The meters in these were designed for a mercury battery that is 1.35 volts and an alkaline battery is 1.5 volts. The meter will read wrong if you use an alkaline battery.
  15. greenbank

    I was aware of the mercury/alkaline voltage difference. However, I assumed that the OM-1n, being at the time a "modern" camera, had a bridge (regulator) circuit in the meter like Pentax Spotmatics, so there wouldn't be a problem. I also thought that the MR-9 adaptor was a purely physical/mechanical item which enabled smaller alkaline batteries to fit securely in the battery compartment.

    Strange thing is, although I have never tested my meters for technical accuracy, they have always seemed to be pretty accurate and effective to me. Now I'm worried.

    As far as I know, neither of my OM-1ns has been modified (and certainly neither has an adaptor in e battery compartment). I will have to look into this further.
  16. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    greenbank, I too came to 35mm. in addition to my medium format gear, but not until the introduction of the OM system. I could never see why a camera needed to be so big and heavy to produce a so much smaller image. My first camera in the OM system was, I believe one of the first introduced into the UK, an OM - 1 non - MD around 1974, (so my wife tells me, we were in the trade then), which I still have, ( both the OM and the wife), but as a specs. wearer I never could never get correct exposures, due to light entering the viewfinder via the eyepiece. In my case the answer was the OM - 2, used mainly in auto mode.
    But back to the question. You are not getting the best results from your cameras if you are not using the correct batteries. You need the modification or the adaptor. You will be surprised at the results.
  17. jojonas
    Got these two lenses for a trip recently:

    G.Zuiko 50mm Auto-S 1.4
    G.Zuiko 28mm Auto-W 3.5

    OM2 kit by jojonas~, on Flickr
  18. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    greenbank, you should check this out:-

  19. greenbank
    Allan, I've already taken your advice and got a couple of MR-9 adaptors from Small Battery (great service, great website too). I was planning to report back once I had processed a roll shot with the new metering regime, but you were too quick for me.

    By the way, for anyone else following this discussion, there is a lot of good info on Karen Nakamura's website (http://photoethnography.com/ClassicC...batteries.html).
  20. GRHazelton
    A f2.8 135mm with caps and case is even now wending its way to me from KEH. Must ...... control ....... GAS........
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