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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. darinwc
    Recently bought a Zuiko 21mm f3.5 and a (2nd) 24mm f2.8. -I was wondering if my 24mm Zuiko was a lemon in that it seemed a bit soft wide open. So I picked up a 2nd one. Now not only can i not see the difference between the two, but I cannot see any softness in the first one either. Hmm.
  2. MiniMoke
    New here, so a great big HELLO from Luxembourg!

    Bought my dream camera from my student times, an OM2n at last. Never could afford it, but now I have one with 50/1.8 and 28/2.8 lenses.

    Had it CLA'd so that it's nearly like new, and I must say that it's as gorgeous as I remember it, fondling the camera in the stores way back when....

    I'm anxiously waiting to finish ma first roll of Portra
  3. GRHazelton
    My 135mm f2.8 arrived KEH. Nice! It would nice, though, if Olympus put the filter size on the trim ring of the lens, as many others do.

    I went by Wings Camera here in the Atlanta area and Mike, the owner, removed the stuck filter from the 28mm that came with the OM 4 I recently bought. He took the lens in the back and returned in a few minutes with the lens, all cleaned and sparkly. No explosions, odd sounds, mystic incantations. I bought a 49mm for the 28 and a 55mm for the 135.

    Let's hear it for bricks and mortar stores! Wings is just over 100 years old, and a fine source for used gear and service and advice.
  4. OMChris
    Bought an Elicar VH-Q 90mm macro recently. Normally like to keep to Oly stuff but couldn't resist the lens at the price it was. Have put some old film through it but wasn't good as the film was so old the colours had bleached. The Elicar has good reviews but it will have to go some to top the Oly 50mm 3.5 I have, which for sharpness is just insane. It's one of those lenses you just love as it makes a numpty like me look good. Bought the Elicar to see how the 1:1 compares. Have an Oly 28mm 2.8 & 3.5 but am looking for a good condition Oly 24mm 2.8., if anyone has one for sale? Also looking for any of the more exotic Oly lenses 90/85 F2 etc. My favourite lens is my Oly 100mm 2.8 (close second my Oly 200mm & 50mm 1.4) and am getting into my new Oly 35 SP RF, which is unbelievably sharp. What 35mm colour print film do you guys think is best for Oly lenses? I tried some black and white with my OM1n but was expensive to process. Where do you guys get your processing done? Have just got an old 55mm 1.2 and am getting it serviced. Have heard the bokeh is a bit bonkers but haven't used it yet . Sorry for all the questions but have been an Oly collector/user for a while and have been learning slowly, by my (many) mistakes. regards, OMChris
  5. PeteD
    Just picked up a very near mint OM4 with 50mm f1:8 for £5. Got it home, put batteries in and it seems to work. Next step a film.

  6. kpembo
    I bought a VC Nokton 40/2 in OM mount. It is beautifully made, focuses much smoother than any of my Zuikos, and is optically a great lens as well. The position of the aperture ring and focusing ring are opposite a typical Zuiko, and the focusing action is also opposite of a Zuiko. VC obviously made these lenses by adapting their Nikon F mount lenses, so the positions of focusing, aperture ring, and direction of focusing match Nikon rather than Zuiko. Since I have a collection of different cameras and lenses, it doesn't bother me too much. It may be a bigger issue for long time Zuikoholics.
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