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What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently

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  1. bluedog
    Just picked up an OM-4 body and then for some strange reason bought an OM-1 body as well. Now I have two of each. It must be something about owning quality gear or maybe a mid-life crisis. Anyway I just wondered if anyone else is adding to their OM stable in these digital times.
  2. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi bluedog

    My most recent OM purchase was back in January 2010. Paid a visit to a local camera store and they had a pre-owned OM1 with a silver-nose Zuiko 50mm f1.8 for £39.99! Didn't want to leave it on the shelf!

    Works fine and proved to be an excellent buy.

    Cheers Chris
  3. mopar_guy
    About six months ago I got an OM-3Ti and so far this year I've bought a 24mm f2.0, 55mm f 1.2 and 300mm f 4.5.

  4. giosanta
    Olympus is, for me, a return in the first home.
    Black OM2n; 24mm f 2,8; 50mm f 1,4.
  5. mopar_guy
    I use the 50mm f 1.4 more that all of my other lenses.
  6. guitstik
    I just receive a Soligor 75-260 macro lens from an APUGer that is in pristine condition. Up to this point I have only had a 28mm (my go to lens), a 50mm and a 75-150mm, all Zuiko lenses for my OM-1.
  7. drmarkf
    I had better keep a bit quiet since I'm just about to sell my OM-4, 21 f3.5 and 35 f2.0 on eBay...

    ...but I'm now giving my 90 f2.5 Tamron and 300 f4.5 Zuiko a massive new lease of life on my E-PL1 m4/3, so I'm not keeping entirely under the parapet!

    I'm now on the lookout for a 100 f2.8 Zuiko, which seems to go well on m4/3 bodies, and I'd love to try a Zuiko 180mm.
  8. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Shame on you drmarkf, I have too much gear to consider abandoning the OM system in favour of d******, besides, what will you do when, the 4/3 system falls flat, as is predicted.
  9. Q.G.
    What are you looking to get for that 21 mm, Drmarkf?
    Perhaps it could be my contribution to the "What Olympus OM gear have you bought recently" thread.
  10. drmarkf

    There are always plenty of people who've been predicting Olympus' failure, so no change there, then. The way things are going with compact system cameras & adapters the lenses are always going to be usable on something, and whatever body you get (Oly/Can/Nik etc) will always suffer from what Ken Rockwell calls 'digital rot'. So all I seem to be risking is a bit of devaluation in lens values.

    And having spent several days recently trying out Canon and Nikon semi-pro APS-C gear, I'm happy to take that risk and stick with a mix of Oly 4/3 and m4/3. Don't listen to the trolls, guys

    Anyway, even if the company went completely broke tomorrow that doesn't mean the kit becomes suddenly unusable!
    If I put my takings from selling various bits of kit towards an E-5, then they're lifed for 150k exposures so, allowing me even an extremely optimistic 20 more years of active photography, that's 7500 exposures a year...

    BTW the OM kit will be going on fleaBay UK early this evening. If anyone's interested I'll post links here (if I'm allowed to do that???).
  11. steve prior
    steve prior
    well I've currently got 6 OM bodies, namely an OM-1, 2*OM-10, OM-20, OM-40 and OM4 and I prefer using them anyday to digital !
  12. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Is anyone else on this site sick of being told about the giant leap into this other mystical photographic world? If it's so wonderful, what are they doing here? All those in favour say Aye.
  13. Canuck Bob
    Canuck Bob
    In the process of buying an OM-1n body and outfitting it for hobby picture taking in the Alberta oilpatch.

    I am new so don't want to dive into the debate about image technology. I came back to film because I have grown to dislike the hassle and cost of digital imaging. By spending my hobby money on film the film industry gains. I think if we did our best to lure and keep all interestedbphtographers engaged here, film as a viable indstry, will succeed and may even flourish again.

    My other cameras are an Oly 35mm Stylis Epic Dlx and a digital E-410. I am happy with both of them but with the OM-1n I have a proper camera again.

    A match needle 35mm, now I can stop reading manuals and pushing endless buttons to access infinite esoteric menus crowned off with a truly dark and dismal viewfinder with lonely fly by wire focusing. The key concept of consideration for me is the disconnect at every level with much of technology.
  14. LabRat87
    I finally picked up a OM-1. Been wanting one for awhile, can't wait to run some film thru it.
  15. George S.
    George S.
    Thread content- I just bought a Tokina 500mm mirror lens, OM mount.

    Allan, relax. Lots of people use their OM equipment with their digital cameras, myself included, and I use my film OMs too. See, it's all good.
    The 4/3rds system is on the way out, NOT the m4/3rds. The m4/3rds is what we were promised with regular 4/3rds- smaller, lighter bodies and lenses.
    The 4/3rds bodies didn't seem much smaller to me
  16. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    OK George, I've relaxed, it's just that ALL my photo. friends have gone d****** and constantly remind me that I'm a dinosaur. I don't buy camera mags. anymore as they now seem to concentrate on this market, so perhaps I am a little out of touch. However, I do scan my Velvia transparancies, make unmodified A4 prints and grin when they say "Is that really from that old Olympus?"
  17. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hey Allan some of my mates into snapping have wondered why I haven't got any real life dinosaur photos with the OM gear I am using!

    Yes there are subjects that autofocusing provides benefits but for landscapes never!

    Cheers Chris
  18. Rick A
    Rick A
    Just picked up a full OM-1n kit for next to nothing. I paid less than what the 28/3.5 in the kit is worth! Body, three lenses, flash, buttload of filters, odd and sods of extra schtuff, and a kit bag--and it all looks like brand new!! Now to find a winder for it.
  19. Snapper
    Two 50/1.4s.... now I need to decide which to keep, which to sell. One has serial number in the 400,000s, the other in the 1,150,000s.

    Does anyone actually have a Zuiko lens that doesn't have a few internal dust spots?!!!
  20. George S.
    George S.
    Well, about a week after purchasing the Tokina 500mm lens (see reply above) I'm surfing ebay again, and on the same day I score an OM-1n and an OM2n both in like new condition for $39 and $55! Now I have OM-1n, OM-2n, OM-PC, OM-10FC, OM-2SP, and OM-4T! Yikes! I think I don't think I can stop!
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