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  1. giosanta
    Dear friends
    I'm sorry for my English and happy to meet others Olympus’s enthusiast.
    My name is Giovanni Santangelo, and I live in Italy at Airola, a little town near Benevento.
    I'm an architect 52 years old.
    I started in 1979 with an OM1, at the Olympus OM death I buy some Nikon, beautiful cameras but I dont' like the Nikon optical philosophy: too much “flat” and distorted with wide angle, I prefer the “German way” (Leica, Zeiss), more “plastic” or “ 3D effect”, but Leica M (I've try it) is for me, at this moment, too expensive (but i'm sure to buy it in a short time) and, once again only my opinion, Leica R and Contax are too expensive to be “dead systems”. On the contrary, seeing some my old dias or B&W prints took with my old OM1, I've discovered the same “3D effect” only a little bit under Leica.
    My old OM1 (with 24/2.8; 50/1.8 and 200/4) was sold may years ago, but now I'm waiting a 24/2,8 and a 50/1,4 plus an OM4, in the future is sure an OM1 and a lens from 85 – 135.
    Too much long... excuse me.
    To the next.
  2. Chris Sweetman
    Chris Sweetman
    Hi Giovanni

    Welcome to our site. I also started taking photos with an OM1 in 1979 with a Zuiko 75-150 zoom lens. I still have both items today. My favourite OM camera to use is an OM4Ti but the most reliable is my OM2n! In the last 15 months both cameras have been loaded with Kodachrome 64 and I have enjoyed using this film. Most of my pictures are taken using the Zuiko 28mm f2.8 lens followed by the Zuiko 200mm f5.

    Good luck and I hope your 'new' OM system arrives soon.

    Cheers Chris
  3. giosanta
    Thank You Chris.
    I'm sad to the "killing" of Kodachrome by Kodak, a milestone in the photography.
  4. mopar_guy

    Welcome to our little Olympus group.

    When you get the camera, I hope that you enjoy it!

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