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Problem with my OM2n exposure meter

  1. giosanta
    I've a problem with the exposure meter of my OM2n: I read a sistematic over exposure of 3 - 4 stop (I/60 F 2,8 on my external exposure meter, 1/15 - 1/8 in camera, auto or manual is the same). The battery are ok (I've try with two set). Obviously the external exposure meter is perfect.
    What kind of problem is?
    I'm sorry for my English.
    Thank You.
  2. Allan Swindles
    Allan Swindles
    Hi Giovanni,
    Are you using SILVER OXIDE batteries in your OM?
  3. giosanta
    The batteries in the body, and I've buy two new, are, " AG13".
    In Wikipedia Now I've see those are LR44 equivalent.
    But the OM2 needs two SR44.
    1.5V/150mha VS 1,55V/200 mha.
    I think You are right, I'm a stupid.
    Thank You +++++++++++++++.
    I'm sorry for my English.
  4. sergiob
    The OM1n was designed to use PX625 MERCURY 1.35 volt cells. These are no longer available. If you use 625 Alkaline cells that output 1.5 volts, you will get wrong readings. There is a fix around the net using small hearing aid 1.4v silver oxide cells and a homemade wire ring to make a snug fit. The 0.5v difference is easier to compensate for in the ISO dial. I'm not sure if maybe the OM2 uses the same cells.
  5. MattKing

    The OP was asking about an OM2n, not an OM1n - different batteries.
  6. puptent
    Hi, It's my battery day, I guess. Silver Oxide batteries in the popular 357 series are available on e-bay, and in camera stores. DO NOT use the LR44 alkaline cell batteries, because as soon as you begin to use them their voltage starts to fall off, and then your meter will be off. And your English is excellent. puptent
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