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Good Group Description

  1. Christopher Walrath
    Goes with Cheryl's advice in her article for Aspiring Photographers. I paraphrase: Don't be so focused on the next item of gear. Learn to perfect what you have. More than likely it is already enough.
  2. FM2N
    Hello Christopher,
    Welcome to the group.
  3. Sasha Dulyachinda
    Sasha Dulyachinda
    fantastic quote!
  4. SteveR
    What a great premise for a group! I'll admit, I do own and use multiple cameras, but only as the need arises, purely for cases when there is something one camera can do that another physically can't. Having said that though, I have always loved the idea of 'work with what you've got 'till it works'. Yes, I've fallen into the "Wow! If only I had one of those!" trap many times before, but nowdays, I'm settled in my gear and love exercising it to get the most out of it I can. Can't wait to be inspired by some of the discussions this group might bring about, thanks for starting it.
  5. SteveR
    So, just to keep the lively conversation running along at a steady pace, I had a thought which could possibly be an extension of the 'one camera' philosophy. I'll be honest, having not actually popped into the group for a while (since I can see no ones posted from the outside...), I had actually come to think that this is what the group was about! So, for discussion, another interpretation of 'One and done':

    Does anyone believe/strive/achieve/hope/dream the idea of taking one image and being done? I know I certainly try. I try to get the best composition I can on my ground glass, or in my view finder before I press the button.

    Any down sides to this side of the 'one and done' coin? Well, for me personally, I am trying to get that one shot so intently that more often than not, I end up framing the image just how I visualise the final print... which often leaves me with a negative with little to no cropping room. Not so bad on 4x5, but printing a 645 to 8x10 can get frustrating sometimes, especially if the image as I shot it was the one!
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