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De Vere enlarger

  1. Iantoz
    Hi all, I have just become the proud owner a De Vere 203 enlarger, with Dichromt MkII head, universal timer and 203/504 tran-stab power supply.
    It also came with a 35mm Roll Film Mask and a Recessed Lensmount with 39mm Leica thread, and what I need is an instruction manual.
    I plan to use it for 35m and 120 6x6 neg printing and enlarging. I have a couple of 50m enlarger lenses and I obviously need another lens and film mask.
    I have on order a 24V 250 Watt ecl lamp, so it just needs some TLC and it will be ready to use.
    It is an enormous beast compared to my Durst F30, and I now have a real incentive to get on and build my darkroom !!!

    Dai the impatient.
  2. pentaxpete
    Well done - I had the chance of a FREE De Vere 203 BUT it would not FIT onto my darkroom bench OR under the ceiling -- it was from a deceased Camera Club member.
  3. Iantoz
    Well yes I know what you mean, it is very large.
    Fortunately I am building my darkroom from scratch and I have built the bench for the De Vere and am in the process of setting it up, before I continue with the the sink and other bench not to mention the walls and door.

    It still has a fault with the control of the lamp, which is permanently "on" but I have tested the control unit which seems to functioning as it should. The fault I believe is in the power supply, some information would be a great help.

    But as a retired gentle man I have a lot of time to amuse myself.
  4. Iantoz
    Well success with my De Vere 203 enlarger, it 's all working now.

    All I now need is a Flat lens board and a lens for 120 film enlarging. ( I have a recessed lens board and some 50mm lenses for 35mm film).

    Dai the happy.
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