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coffee developer and paper negatives

  1. jnanian
    toffle over in the coffee developer group loves to use coffee to process his prints.
    and joe v in the other thread mentioned that coffee developer might work well
    as a developer for paper negatives.
    after a long while i started to make paper negatives again. i am embarrassed to admit
    that it has been as long as it has been, but i am starting again

    i have recently bought a graflex 3A postcard format camera and a 5x7 sheet of paper fits in perfectly. i also have about 2 quarts of coffee developer from film processing that i saved
    and never drained after processing maybe 6 or 7 rolls of film. this is developer i made not from
    store bought instant, but home roasted sumatra robusta beans. like with all the coffee developer i use
    i put a few cc of ansco 130 in the mix ( these days an average of 30cc / 750cc of coffee )
    it works perfectly as a paper developer. just low contrast enough, and it doesn't take longer than about 3-4 minutes to developer to completion.
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