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old Projection print papers and film

  1. andyaitken

    Wonder if anyone can help?

    About a year ago I acquired with an old enlarger, two roles of Photographic projection paper (Kodagraph) 1m wide by 30m long each, and one role of Ozagraph photographic projection film. I believe these were used to project drawings onto and then develop via some automatic developer process.

    All roles are some 15 years out of date, but I have used some of the paper as a paper negative once which cam out o.k.

    However, I have now acquired a 4x5 camera and am now looking to use this film, paper as a regular source of paper/film negative. But I have no idea as to how to use this material in terms of exposures etc as it has no ISO rating as such.

    So I just wondered if any one had come across this or similar material previously and had any ideas?
  2. luisalegria
    The only way would be to test it I would think.
    I have used various types of expired paper, I usually start with assuming they are ISO 6, and that seems to work reasonably well for most.
    Try bracket the exposure on samples of the paper and see what works best.
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