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Filter factor?

  1. Dear
    Hi there, I'm new to this group.
    I have been experimenting a bit with paper negs in a 9x12 folder I got just last week.
    Now, I would like to try using some old Ilford "Filters for Multigrade Paper" (by simply holding them in front of the lens!)
    There is three different filters: "low", "medium" & "high".
    My question is; how should meter?
    Would it make sense to hold the filter over the light meter as well?
    Have you tried something like it?
  2. JRKyle
    Just joined this group ...

    About contrast filters.... I have only began to experiment with Paper Negatives in two cameras -- An ANSCO 8X10 and a Speed Grafic 3 1/4 X 4 1/4.... I started to use the C.F. #3 to help with the Overly High Contrast of the print outcome.... I have only started to use them today, so I do not have any data to give to you... Perhaps we may colaberate our talents and work on this??

    Let me know what You think...

    You might wish to make use of my e-mail for that as well...


    James Kyle...
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