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Best scenes/subjects for paper negatives?

  1. timlayton
    I am just getting started with paper negatives, but a long time LF film user. Based on my best guess I assume that contrast is a challenge. For example, as a general rule I assume most skies will be blown out in landscape scenes in order to get the foreground exposed correctly. I am sure this can be addressed to some degree with flashing and graduated ND filters possibly. I am also guessing that I will have some pretty long exposures based on low EI ratings of the paper.

    I was wondering what type of lighting, scenes are good candidates for paper negatives. I do a lot of fine art botanical work with black backgrounds and light flowers. I was wondering how that scenario might fare. i also do a lot of landscape work too. I will be doing a lot of testing and playing in the coming weeks, however I just wanted to get an idea of other peoples experiences and suggestions.


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