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The black hole of red blindness

  1. Toffle
    I was wondering if there was any way to compensate for the lack of sensitivity of most papers to the red frequencies? If it was just red, it might be ok, but it seems that it is a broad swath of colours that simply do not register on my paper. I am shooting mostly Ilford single-weight RC Glossy, which gives very nice negatives within its sensitivity range, but often presents me with great printing challenges to coax detail out of images.

    In the attached image, Beethoven is gazing over a pair of brass swans... a nice, rich gold colour, which appears like polished onyx in the print. Would pre-flashing be of any help here, or is this about as good as I can expect? (BTW, in this case, onyx looks pretty cool, but in the case of the polished wood of a guitar, all detail just disappears.) I'm not looking for a miracle cure here, but even a way to recover some detail from the black hole of red blindness would be nice.

  2. jnanian
    hi tom

    i have no idea if there is a way to compensate ...
    once in a while when i make retina prints i notice
    sometimes the paper is red! other times it is blueish
    and other times it is a little greenish. no idea why the variations
    maybe itis the type / quality of light ?

    sorry i am not much help

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