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Scanning Paper Negatives

  1. rknewcomb
    I have had a long time interest in paper negatives. Did a paper negative project a long time ago as my exit project in college - a very long time ago.
    I use to make enlarge paper negatives on single weight Kodak paper from film negatives. I'm not sure my aging body can carry around an 8x10 or larger camera so I'm wondering about scanning 4x5 paper negatives to get a larger image.
    OK, back when I was working in paper I exposed and processed the paper negative to be a "diapositive" ie: you judge it by transmitted light not reflected light. Lots of shadow detail hidden in there when you look through the negative. Has anyone had success in scanning a paper negative and if so did you scan it as a reflective image or by using the transmitted light option on your flatbed scanner?
    Robert N.
  2. NedL
    Hi Robert, I don't think we're supposed to talk about scanning here on APUG, but I do this a lot and always "reflective".
    You can also make fine and beautiful contact prints of course, but I do understand the desire to have a positive bigger than 4x5.

    I recently built a very simple foamcore box camera that can take paper negatives up to 8.5x11. I'm still learning how to use it, and it's a "1-shot" camera ( then home to swap the paper out in darkroom ), but very fun!
  3. jnanian
    hi robert

    i scan them like a regular print, not a slide.
    i 0-out all the settings and then make the adjustments afterwards.
    just like anything else

    i don't mind asking scan questions here in the groups but in main fora they might freak out

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