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Harman paper to be resized.

  1. PLynch
    I received a very exciting e-mail from Harman today.
    The direct positive paper has been being made in standard paper sizes. Unfortunately this is taking some photographers buy surprise. Being a direct positive paper it may very well end up in a film back and not an enlarger easel. The film back sizes are a bit smaller than standard paper sizes. Harman has recognized this and is modifying the product size.

    Here is a section from the e-maili I received.

    We have become increasingly aware since the launch of this product that we have rather perplexed the Analogue Photographic Community by producing 4 x 5" Direct Positive Paper at 'true' size, ie. paper ISO standards. We have therefore taken the decision to change ALL the sizes of Direct Positive Paper to ISO standard sheet film sizes for future production batches - this will effectively reduce the size of the paper very slightly in both dimensions.

    It will take a little time for this adjustment to filter through to all the sizes in the range, however new stocks of 4 x 5" RC paper are in production as we speak and so all future customer orders will be supplied with resized paper. We will apply this change to all sizes of Direct Positive Paper and will refer to the 'nominal' size in inches and show the actual metric size alongside. We will of course clearly communicate the change on our websites

    From what I understand DP paper should also be available for US dealers to obtain. So hopefully soon we will be able to order from B&H or your other favorite dealer.
  2. pdjr1991
    Nice! I hope freestyle carries it. I would love to compare the two (Fotokemika Vs. Harman)
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