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Whats so great?

  1. Rick A
    Whats so great about your home town? Post a photo (or several)of what you think captures the essence of what your town means to you. I would like to restrict this to urban shots, or municipal parks. Later on I will be running a thread on your general area. So, lets get started gang, get those photos uploaded!
  2. DWThomas
    "urban shots, enh...."

    Well, here's an historic building in the very center of "downtown"

    Taken on a dull winter day with my Brownie Target Six-20.
    This neat old building in Lederach (Montgomery County, PA) has a freight elevator
    in the back and has been a cigar factory, general store, gift shop and now a restaurant
    over its long history.

    And here's a "municipal park"

    The Heckler Farmstead, one of the first places settled in the township. The barn in the
    background is a 1761 vintage "bottom barn" once common in the area.
    The photo was among those on the first roll I put through my Ercona II.

    As may be noted, 'taint very urban -- and that's what I like about it!

  3. Rick A
    Rick A
    Excellent beginnings! I'll assume that your home town, for you, is history, and a proud heritage.
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