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Greetings from Shaffer's Valley, Landisburg, PA

  1. Griz
    Hi folks, as suggested by Rick, I'm posting a small introduction here in the Pennsy photo pholks group. It's the same info as in the "about me" section of my home page. Hope no one minds the cut and paste job, as the older I get, the less likely I am to re-type something!

    Starting over....Vietnam ERA USAF vet, photojournalism major in college (way back when), life got in the way of photography for a while, back working with film for the first time in 30 years. Setting up a home darkroom right now, still need to run the water lines, but it's at least usable at this time. Picked up a ton of stuff from fellow APUG'er Keith Ostertag at great prices! Shooting 35mm with Pentax ME Super bodies (main body just CLA'd by Eric) and SMC lenses, MF camera is an old Agfa Isolette II, Solinar F3.5 75mm lens, Prontor-S shutter, just CLA'd. Hoping to get the magic back, and maybe sell a few prints in 2013!

    Landisburg, PA

    Harleys, B&W photography, leatherwork, bass guitar, sprint cars, hunting, shooting

    Downsized by IBM

    Multi Format


  2. DWThomas
    Again, welcome!

    I'm in central Montgomery County in the east end of our fair commonwealth, but I do manage to get to other parts of the state from time to time. Unfortunately some of my passes are on the way to or from visiting family in Indianapolis, so I don't get to sightsee much. As a "carefree" twenty-something in the early nineteen-ought-sixties I know I hiked in Colonel Denning Park out your way -- I still remember overlooking a broad valley from a height where we looked down on Piper Cubs flying around, mostly remembered because of a long uphill climb to get to the view! One of these winters maybe I'll find some of the pictures from that and scan a few I'm sure they are in my archives (AKA boxes in back of dusty closet).
  3. Griz
    Thanks for the welcome, Dave! Colonel Denning is about 5 minutes (or a gallon of gas straight up the mountain on 233) from my home. Moved here a couple of years ago from another mountain outside of Dillsburg, PA. Love the area, and still exploring the many local wonders. Still getting my legs back under me photographically, but I can't think of a better area to do it in!

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