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Keystone staters, or should I say, Key-Stoners

  1. Rick A
    Maybe I mis-named this group. Possibly another name would attract more to join us here in Pennsylvania, I dunno, maybe I should call it Key-stoners. Ah -- that would grab peoples attention, or scare them off. I know there are quite a few of us, and no need to join another state named outfit, unless of course, you want to.There are many places and things to photograph in our beautiful state. I live in an area fererred to as "the land of the endless mountains", boy does it live up to the title. This is the birth-place of the original Hollywood singing cowboy, Tom Mix. We also have the only free-ranging elk herd east of the Mississippi River, and scenic drives aplenty.
    Tell me whats special about your part of the state, and why we should gather there.
  2. winger
    Hi! I hadn't really looked for this group and therefore didn't know about it until you mentioned it somewhere. So, here I am! I'm in the southern end of Westmoreland County. I'm not too far from Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob (2 Frank Lloyd Wright houses). I think there's an endless supply of photo subjects in Ohiopyle State Park near here, too. If anyone comes this way, give me a holler!
  3. Rick A
    Rick A
    I'm glad to see another Keystone stater show up. Hi Winger, I've been to your area years ago, it is beautiful indeed. Dont forget to let your friends know we're here and come join us. Have you found a go-cart for the baby yet, and does it have enough room for your camera gear (lol)
  4. DWThomas
    Another - uh - Key-stoner here. I'm about 35 miles NW of center city Philadelphia in Montgomery County. I'm a bit of a loner/hermit, but might as well toss my hat in this ring. Some of the nearby area goes back to William Penn, etc., so there's lots of history -- old homes, farmsteads, pre-Revolutionary cemeteries, fading rust belt stuff, etc. I indulge in that now and again; I also make it up to the anthracite region and beyond occasionally. Back in October, after a weekend with friends in Bradford County, we wandered home "by way of Blackwell" and walked a mile or so on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. I can see getting up that way with bicycles and some sort of camera(s) might be on the 2011 calendar. Most recently I ran some Provia 100F through a recently acquired Yashica 124G at a nature preserve near the Berwick nuke plant along the Susquehanna.

    Most of my gear may be seen here. I shall warn in advance that some of my work electrocutes bits, I'm an equal opportunist (and make no real apologies). I have all sorts of photos on line at PBase but currently there's a bit of a gap from the early sixties to the early 2000s. I hope to get more old stuff up, but it's a slow tedious process. And I was shocked to learn recently that most of the stuff I had processed in the 80s and 90s had all sorts of crap printed on the back of the prints, but no date! So my aging brain cells are further challenged to organize things. Maybe now the grass has stopped growing I can scan some more of the "archives" AKA "boxes in the closet."
  5. nedski
    Hi, fellow Key-stoners. I'm in the heart of Philadelphia with my motley assortment of 35mm and 120 gear. No free-ranging elk here, but I do work within sight of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I generally post work to my flickr photostream. I've been slowly scanning my old stuff, all the way back to the first roll I ever shot with my grandmother's Duaflex.
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