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Autumnal Equinox

  1. Rick A
    Okay all you groovy gus and gals, that wonderful season will soon be upon us. Thats right, I'm speaking of autumn, fall, the most colorful of seasons. What are your plans, favorite places, and favorite film. Are you inclined to take your automobile, bicycle, or do you prefer to ride mares shank(or a combination thereof), to your photo sites.

    Personally, I drive to the mountain top, and wander aimlessly to places I think will look good. This year I'm shooting 4x5, 6x9, 6x6, and least of all, 35mm. My wife and one of my daughters love 35mm, while my other daughter (12 yr old) has discovered 4x5 is her favorite. I prefer my Yashica D and Mamiya C-220 with chrome, I am going to try Velvia 50 in 4x5, and process myself.

    Of all the seasons, I feel that fall has a special, mystical quality, that puts me in a mood that is bordering on euphoria. By the end of the season, I cannot wait for the first flakes of white wonder, and get giddy with anticipation for winter.
  2. Rick A
    Rick A
    Update-- I took the family for a cruise over the mountain on Sunday, large patches of color are already starting to show. I'm predicting an early color display, so stock up on color film right away. This is a full month early for our area, could this forbode an extra snowy(and possibly colder)winter aproaching. I for one like the snow, but the cold(sub-zero)I can live without. I love temps in the upper teens to mid 20's, great for cross-country skiing, and getting into the back country quietly, in order to see wildlife. Some of you out there like to downhill, or sled, and snowmobile, could be a banner season.

    How about telling us your favorite places for fall color shots. We go to Kinzua country, the dam area and especially to Kinzua Bridge for grand vistas. Another favorite is to travel Rte. 6 in the northern tier, runs east to west through our northern most counties, and affords some grand viewing sites. It gives access to the northern end of Pa's Grand Canyon, Pine Creek. The route that follows that is most impressive.

    Alright gang, your turn.
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