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  1. Rick A
    It's that wonderful, pristeen winter wonderland, here in the "big woods"of north central Pa. My daughter and I left for a morning hunt about 5:30am today, and promptly found ourselves trudging through anything from eight inches to waist deep snow. We didn't spot any bucks, only a few does(we refuse to shoot those). We spent a tad over four hours out in the schtuff, hiked about two or so miles over what would normally be fairly easy terrain, but suffered greatly to get in and out of the little valley we frequent. We opted not to take photos, tho we did have an Agfa Isolette and Yashica D along. It was just too miserable and cold to set up and do any landscapes. At one point I became concerned that we may have made a horrible mistake by hiking out so far, as it turned into blizzard conditions. We made it back back to the house around noon for a hot lunch and cocoa, and a good nap(after hot showers to shake the chill).

    How about anyone else out there, getting any good snow covered landscapes yet? Dont forget to share them here.

    Bethe, how about some shots of the little guy in his first winter! I bet life is exciting at your home with Christmas coming.

    Well, y'all have a wonderful Christmas, and may the new year bring peace and happiness to all.
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