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110 Film is Back!

  1. dmdair
    Load your Auto 110's. Just getting ready to order my 1st batch
  2. ArtO
    Can't wait to see some of the images. Have lots of fun with it.
  3. Andrew K
    Andrew K
    110 film is also available fresh from China. They are slitting 400ASA Color film (KODAK) and 100 ASA black and white (Lucky I think) .

    I ordered some from them (send a email to - filmsreborn@gmail.com) and they will send you a paypal invoice. 4 Rolls of Color including postage cost me $35 AUS.

    I'm in Australia, and the film arrived 5 days after I paid for it. I've shot a roll of the color, and will get it processed this weekend...will let you know the outcome..

    As for the Lomo film, I also got some of the black and white.

    It's a bit strange to use as there is no backing paper, so no numbers are visable (so no frame counter!). I'm hoping to get them processed over the weekend too..will report back once I see what they're like


  4. nexus757
    There's also an odd 800 speed b/w 110 film being offered at ultrafine with no backing paper: http://www.ultrafineonline.com/ul110eiba800.html Personally I still like slitting and rolling my own 110 from 35mm film. You can reuse the backing paper many times and Pentax auto 110's do not require perforations in the film to shoot (nor do Minolta 110 SLR's, Fujica Pockets, or Kodak Ektralite 10's so long as you alter the cartridges a bit). It's cheaper and not that much more difficult than loading 35mm cartridges from bulk film once you get used to it.
  5. pixmedic
    I just ordered B&W and color film from lomography.com for my pentax auto 110 Super. cant wait to see what that little camera can produce.
  6. cmacd123
    after a wait since July, I just received my order of the Lomography 110 B&W film. This version has backing paper! I did previously get a roll from B&H of the "Frst Production" 110 film with the blank window (no paper. That is currently sitting in a developing tank waiting for me to get in a darkroom day.
  7. dmdair
    Can't wait to see your images. Here is the link to my 1st roll on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/d_matth...7631132989478/
  8. M.A.Longmore
    DMDair: That's Lomo-Licious !

    Time to find The Minolta 110 SLR; It's been a few years . . .

  9. Andrew K
    Andrew K
    I processed my first rolls of Lomography ORCA B&W film. The results were very nice - processed the same as I would FP4/Fuji Acros.

    One warning - the cassettes are MUCH harder to open than the old ones. I used to be able to twist the old ones open, or crack them in half to pull the film out. With the Lomo ones I used a pair of scissors to help me prise them open, and then cut myself on the jagged plastic edge of the cassette. I've never had so much trouble opening a cassette - and I used to work in a lab so I've processed 1000's of rolls of film!
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