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I will have to join this group

  1. PerA
    Hi everyone,

    My spotmatic collection has grown recently and now includes 2 SPF, 2 SP and one SP1000, plus a number of lenses. So I think I'm worthy of belonging to this celeber group
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Per A.

    You are successful: Welcome to the group. And, you need to do it only once.

    Your collection of Asahi/Honeywell Pentax M42 mount cameras far exceeds mine. There is only one original simple Honeywell SPOTMATIC here, along with a Vivitar 250/SL and a Vivitar 450/SLD, and also a KMZ Zenit-TTL also. Just recently I also found a Tamron Type PZ-150Au f:6.9/200-500mm zoom lens Adapt-A-Matic with an M42 mount that can go onto all of them. Now there is a range of lenses from reasonable wide angle to fairly long telephoto to fit the M42 Mount cameras. Using cameras that expect the photographer to be a participant in the photographic process is a very satisfying way to work with film.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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