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New Member bit an 'Old' PENTAX user !

  1. pentaxpete
    well I joined this Group as I have a Spotmatic from the 1960's as well as SV, MX , ME Super, LX, P30, KX, MZ-5, K10D , 6x7 Pentaxes and many M42 lenses . I have been in Photography since 1951 when I joined the School Photo-Soc and have been in 'Clubs; ever since -- in 1970 I got my Associateships of the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photographers. I am Past President of Barking Photo-Soc. and Brentwood Photo-Club here in Essex , England. I am active on many 'Forums' as I have several Camera Systems now. I do all my own Black and White darkroom printing and a lot of RA4 Colour printing. I have three enlargers ( two FREE ones !! ) . I will just show my 'SPOTMATIC' photos here -- no cheating !! Hope you will view !!
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Pete;

    Isn't it funny that for others to see the photographs you have taken, you also need to go past those enlargers and, in one way or another, "scan" the prints or the "source" negatives to get a digital file that can be sent to APUG for us to see here?

    While I do have an Asahi-Pentax Spotmatic, I also have other cameras with the M42 lens mount There is also a KMZ Zenit-TTL or Zenit-12. One I really like is the Vivitar 450SLD with the Copal Square vertically traveling metal focal plane shutter. I do like that shutter mechanism. And there is a Vivitar 250SL.

    The lenses here range from 28mm to 500mm. The ability to adapt those lenses to so many other cameras really is appreciated. Even the modern DSLR cameras. I do like the M42 mounting system.


    Latte Land, Washington
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