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  1. pentaxpete
    I had a go at Lubricating my 1960's Spotmatic and SV models -- they had not been opened since then ! I had to search for a small enough screwdriver to fit the Japanese screws in the base plate -- I very carefully lifted off the base plate having picked out the small screws with tweezers and put them carefully into a dish. There is nothing connecting the base plate so you can lift it off --- inside there are various levers, cogs and springs -- I put ONE DROP of 'THree-in-One' Oil into a developing dish where I held the camera upside down carefully amd picked up a very small amount of the oil onto a piece of thin Fuse-wire ( you could use a PIN) then carefully touched the pivots and cogs I saw. I carfully wound on the camera with the base-plate still OFF so I could see how everything MOVED .. nothing 'Sprung Out ' luckily !! After re-fixing the base plate putting the small screws into their holes with tweezers I excercised the wind-on and fired the shutter -- well, it was MUCH SMOOTHER after the lubrication !! I will NOT attempt to take off the TOP PLATE though !
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