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Hi Everyone,

  1. Uncle Bill
    Ok forming new groups is addictive, since there is nothing Pentax focused, I decided to put together a group for those into screwmounts in particular the Spotmatic.

    I have a Spotmatic F, a black SV, S1a, a H3 in dire need of a CLA and a very collectible Model K from the late 1950s.
  2. Trond
    I have three Spotmatics (one black), a Spotmatic II and three SVs (H3v in the US), and a lot of lenses. The black Spotmatic is covered in bright red kid leather and looks really cool. High quality cameras, and incredibly inexpensive.
  3. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    I know Trond, I shake my head on how cheap they are going for. I still keep an eye out on Ebay for SP's.
  4. Phil
    I'm glad to hear there are others 'addicted' to Spotmatics...

    I bought an SPII in 1971 and still have it. I also worked in a camera shop in the early to mid-70's and sold a bunch of SPII's, SP 500's, SP 1000's and F's. I still run into people I sold them to - one woman told me she sold her SPII when she was in the Peace Corps in Africa in the mid-70's and still regrets it.

    Along the way, I've accumulated an F, another SPII, two SP's (one black), two SP 1000's, two H3v's, H1, two H1a's, S1a, H2, H2a, and S2 - and a whole lot of lenses and accessories.
  5. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Welcome Phil, you are amongst friends here.
  6. VaryaV
    Greetings! A newbie to screwmounts here.

    A little history first. I inherited a whole slew of camera bodies, lenses, mounts...... (ie; tons of stuff) when my father passed away. He was totally obsessed with screwmounts by the looks of all the gear. And, I think I am soon to follow in his foot steps ...

    I am not highly technical so will need your help in determining what goodies he has that I can adopt to my own style of working. And, from the looks of it there are some great bodies, lenses, mounts, adapters, etc for me to play with. To tell you the truth, I can't wait.

    My first question I will post on a new thread.

    CHEERS, everyone.
  7. VaryaV
    Bill - these pics are beautiful. Is it wishful thinking on my part or do Takumar lenses have a certain quality look all their own? I read somewhere that they are some of the best ever made.
  8. accozzaglia
    Hi all. I found an Asahi H2 in a yard sale recently, and once owned a Spotmatic SPII. I wanted the start using the SMC lenses again, and the H2, which came with the original series light meter,was very affordable and in surprisingly good shape. Can I stick around even though I'm Spotmatic-less now?
  9. donrenfroe
    VaryaV, I have an old K1000 (a late model of the Spotmatic) and can attest that its lenses are wonderful. I have a standard lens and a 35mm. It's a reliable, simple camera that's hard to find fault with
  10. w1cgr@yahoo.com
    Greetings, all! I need some information. I own a Honeywell Pentax SL (no meter) that I purchased new in 1968. Haven't used it in awhile, but it's still in sterling condition along with it's 55 f/2 SMC Takumar. Can anyone give me a link to information about this particular model? Thanks in advance. - George
  11. John_Nikon_F
    New member to the group, but an oldbie when it comes to M42 Pentaxes. I've owned two H3v's, one was my first camera ever (gift in 1984 for my 9th B-day), the other was purchased in 2005 to relive old times. My third body is the Japanese version, the SV. The two more recent bodies were/are early versions, supposedly with mirror boxes that were incompatible with the 50/1.4 Super-Tak. Both bodies accepted that lens without problems. In fact, my current SV has a 50/1.4 Super-Tak attached to it.

  12. Paul VanAudenhove
    Paul VanAudenhove
    I was just reading through the group and started to think "I have one of those!" So I went looking and I have an SP with the accessory shoe that clips onto the camera. Looking at it, I think the only thing it's missing is a battery cover and a battery to be as good as it was when I bought it. This was actually the second camera I ever bought. And it has a 55mm f2 on it. I must run some film through it this summer!
  13. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, all, and Merry Christmas!

    Well, yet another group? Perhaps an indication of the depth of your addiction is the number of different camera groups in which you are a member. Yes, I am qualified to be a member in yet another group!

    Today in the late afternoon another 35mm film camera body was handed to me. This one is a Honeywell-Pentax SPOTMATIC, and I think it is just an original SPOTMATIC. Now I have a genuine bespoke camera for the M-42 lenses here, in addition to the Vivitar 450/SLD with M-42 Mount that has been here for a few years

    Now I need to start looking for 50 year old information that will help in identifying this sample and which model designation applies to it.

    Enjoy, and Happy Holidays;

    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  14. John_Nikon_F
    Now have two Honeywell bodies. A late H3v that needs some minor work, but nothing like what the original camera needed, and a working Spottie. Had a Spottie F for a day or two, that was to replace the early Spottie, but the mirror locked up and became cracked. So, junked the body and kept the lens that came with it (a 55/1.8 SMC Tak with the rubber focus ring). The Spottie does have to suffer a little sacrilege right now, in that it has a Nikon DK-22 slid into the accessory shoe slots on the eyepiece and a Nikon -4 diopter screwed into that.

  15. Photo-gear
    Hi, I got a Spotmatic F that got reviewed and CLA'd by a super tech. I also managed to get the lightmeter to work with 1,5V batteries. I now can't wait shooting with my collection of Super-Takumar (35mm, 50mm f1,4, 55mm f1,8, 135mm f3,5 and 200mm f5,6).
  16. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    In the Pentax group, now there is an Asahi Pentax SPOTMATIC SP wearing a Super-Takumar 55mm/f:2.0 lens. This was not something that I was actually looking for, but it did appear.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  17. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Things with M42 lenses are still going here. There is a female Pileated woodpecker who frequently comes to the bird feeders. I have an early Tamron 200-500mm/f:6.9 zoom lens with an M42 mount that was just before the Adapt-Matic mounting system and most often it is on the tripod with an Asahi Pentax SPOTMATIC or the Vivitar 450SLD or 250SL hung onto the back of the lens. So far, I have not been able to catch her in a suitable pose, if I can catch her. The male Pileated comes around only occasionally. He is even more elusive.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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