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German lenses to Pentax bodies - Screwmount

  1. VaryaV
    First question....

    Can I attach Zeiss Jena Biotar & Schneider lenses to my Spotmatic and other Asahi Pentax/Honeywell/Mamiya screwmount bodies?

    I notice there is a pin. I wanted to ask first before I try to force the lens to the body and do something I will regret later. I have used these lenses before on the Exacta/Exas and they are so beautiful I would love to use them on other cameras. or is there a mount required? I am sure he has one somewhere in all the stuff - ha ha.

    Thanks for any suggestions...
  2. VaryaV
    I checked out the mount type and was wrong there - too many assumptions on my part. Received the Spotmatic F on Friday and spent the whole weekend shooting with it. I love it! My dad left me 5 K1000's + one still unopened in the box. I have to say I prefer the Spotmatic. I will need to acquire more lenses for it though. I have a Takumar f4 Macro that I am using now. Would appreciate any suggestions on lenses. Most of the lenses I have are for the K1000 there are several adapter mounts for screw to PK (?) but not reversal. I would love an adapter since I would prefer to use the Spotmatic rather than a K1000. I am still a bit confused on which lenses I can use. He has a really sweet Sigma 1:1 Macro I would like to use on the screwmount. Thanks for your patience.
  3. JMichaelMeyers
    Hello VaryaV,

    I used Pentax system for 40 yrs, but in 35 mm I am now using Nikon DX and FX digitals. I still have my Pentaxt system. Lens needed depend on what you want to photograph. I never got a 20 or 24 mm Pentax lens, but recommend those first. I used a 28 mm SMC that now has jammed f-stop control (only one of 2 failures of lens so far in 40 yrs). I would definitely recommend a macro 50 or 100 mm lens SMC if you can get it. I did a lot of wildlife photography and the 300 mm f/4.0 SMC lens was and is still a great lens. (see Osprey photo I took 32 yrs ago with 300 mm at -
    http://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/n....jsp?id=h-2181 )
    For other lenses I would have a fast 1.8 or 1.4 50 mm SMC for low light situations. I will teach my daughter fundamentals of photography with this system. I have a 135 and 200 mm lens, but never used them much.

    Joe Meyers
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