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Petzval Lens Enthusiasts

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  1. Andrew Moxom
    You can either attach them but, you have to create an album and then upload them from there.
  2. gandolfi
    allright, I will now upload 4 portraits I made some years ago. I used my first 18x24 oak tree camera, with a huge unnamed petzval lens on it. I later sold this camera (why, why, why...).
    I still miss this lens.
    the images are made using paper negatives, and are all contact prints.
    I kind of like how the paper negatives makes portraits look..
  3. luvcameras
    Glad to join this group. As many of you know, I have my Petzval Lens Article here: http://www.antiquecameras.net/petzvallens.html

    I will add a link to this Group.

  4. jimgalli
    Hi everyone. My addition to the pictures is not your typical modern petzval picture. Here, I wanted to get as much in focus as I possibly could. I had seconds to get the camera set up and snap a shot before the car moved on and it was minutes to the car for a modern lens. I had a 24" f12 Petzval on the camera so it was that or nothing. In the end I like it very much. It looks like it could be a page in the yearly Nevada calendar that has antique pictures for each page. f12 and be there.
  5. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    I've added another sharp Petzval image at f:22 on 8x10". I wanted the Petzval look, but with Melchi a bit over a month short of two years old, I had to allow for some subject movement.
  6. monst
    hiya all

    have just joined this group, here is my first offering with a Newton & Co London lens. hope you like it, have put it in the pix on the right now.
  7. gandolfi
    hi monst.
    I do, but it is REALLY big....
  8. Barry S
    Barry S
    I think it would be helpful if everyone would put their images in the gallery attached to this group. It's simple to do, it keeps all the photos together for easy viewing and doesn't push text posts off the page like inline images. The nice thing is that large thumbnails of each image appear right next to the latest posts, so related text and images still stay together.
  9. HerrBremerhaven
    Okay, so I just went through the dozen or so clicks of setting up an album, uploading that same image from my message, and attempting to place that image onto the side gallery. . . . . . . . Absolutely did not work. All I got was an error message.

    Anyway, someone mentioned wanting to get a Petzval type lens. I have a Bausch & Lomb 10" for which I just machined and assembled a new rear group spacer, so now it is solid and focuses with ease. It's way too much coverage for my 4x5 camera, so I am considering selling it.


    Gordon Moat Photography
  10. HerrBremerhaven
    Okay, another try . . . and eight more clicks through various pages . . . pasting another URL . . . and there should be a pic of my HB&H lens on a Technika board. Honestly, I like the suggestion of placing images onto the side gallery, but that was a serious pain in the a$$.
  11. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    I am an addict.... I have serious petzval GAS and had to have this little Darlot... Thought I'd lost her, but got a 2nd chance offer :-) see picture.
  12. gandolfi
  13. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Gear Acquisition Syndrome!
  14. gandolfi
    aah - got it..
    no - I really GOT it...
  15. nsurit
    Tell me this isn't a slippery slope . . . Jim Galli has helped me scratch the petzval itch for something to attach to front of my Speed Graphic. SK Grimes is attaching the flange to a new lens board. I'm wondering about another petzval for the Toya 45AX with 6X17 back . . . My footing doesn't seem too steady and I'm hoping this isn't one of those slippery slopes deals. Tell me it ain't so! I have no interest in anything larger than 4X5 or something that will fit on the back of a 4X5. That is the truth . . . really. Bill Barber
  16. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Bill, welcome to the afflicted! You are on the verge of slippery slope, the addiction comes swiftly! :-)
  17. Barry S
    Barry S
    Andrew--I see you bought the 6" brass lantern lens that was listed on the LF forum. I was thinking of buying it, but just bought a 6" Gundlach projection lens. I've been using my Gundlach 4 3/4" lens a lot and have been looking for something just a little longer with a little bit more coverage for 4x5. I'd also like something that can possibly be wedged into another Alphax #4 shutter. I have an 8" magic lantern lens that has a 7" image circle and it's a little big for 4x5 and although i haven't shot with it yet--I think it might cover too much to give optimal swirling effects. I'd like to zero in on a lens that barely covers 4x5, or maybe falls a little short. A 5 1/2" or 6" image circle might be perfect. The search continues.
  18. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Barry, yes I did. I agree about the coverage of these things on 4x5... I have a 5" modified petzval and the swirls almost explodes but it does not cover 4x5 fully. Cropping square helps immensely. I have both 6 and 7" Darlot. The 6" barely covers 4x5 also and there is some vignetting and minimal swirl. Similarly, the 7" does cover 4x5 and likely 5x7 and maybe more. That said, choosing the right background and background distance from your subject seems to make the biggest influence on the image. I can get the 7" lens to 'swirl' on 4x5 with no vignetting and no additional movements to force it. See imageposted
  19. Barry S
    Barry S
    Cool--the angel image definitely has it's own look, but you're right about the setting contributing a big portion of the final look. I don't think it's big news, but a forest or a stand of trees seems like one of the better ways to see the swirliness with a petzval. I think you need to have a lot of small variegated light and dark objects in the frame--preferably at different distances. Leaves and small branches do the trick and grass can also work depending on the lighting.
  20. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    I saw Andrew's offerings and seriously considered it. I basically want to stage a commando raid and make off with that awesome 5" Petzval, jury-rigged to a packard shutter. Aaaaanyway...would you suggest I keep my eye out for a 6", or either?
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