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Petzval Lens Enthusiasts

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  1. Andrew Moxom
    Colin, the 5" B&L I have does not cover 4x5 fully, but does have SERIOUS swirlys... to the point of almost making me puke! It works great on close up stuff for still lifes and portraits, but sucks at inifinity. That said, anywhere from 5" to 7" should get you where you need to be. For me I now have 5", 6" and 7-ish" to basically cover most eventualities. The 6 and 7" lenses seem to work a little better at inifinity, but the 7" is best. Keep an eye out for J Galli's ad's on both LFF and APUG. There are som decent portrait petzvals on fleabay right now too.... Expect to pay more for them.
  2. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    Keeping eyes peeled...kinda kicking myself I missed his offerings last weekend (out of town away from innernet due to a family event). Patience!
  3. Barry S
    Barry S
    Colin--don't worry, there's a million petzvals out there. You can always put up a WTB ad here or on the LF forum and see what pops up. The advantage of buying a petzval on the forums is finding out the focal length, coverage, and an assurance that the whole lens is there and that it *is* a petzval. eBay can be good, but the sellers often don't know (or conceal) information, making it more of a crapshoot.
  4. Barry S
    Barry S
    Whoa--three WTB ads for petzvals in the classifieds. The bug must be catching.
  5. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    I agree, I'd much rather not go the eBay route for just those reasons. Not to mention wanting to give a shout-out and support to APUG, which has really sparked my renaissance in traditional photography to begin with.
    I placed a 'Wanted' ad earlier, but thought I'd try again!
  6. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    The Precious...... Me Wants it :-)
  7. BlueLemon
    This beauty now belongs to me ;-)

    Jamin Darlot - Vis á Portrait / Vis á Paysage meniscus from 1860

    Lens Vademecum suggests this particular lens dates back to 1858 - but I´m not sure. Anyone who knows about this lens, and maybe even have pictures taken with it ????

  8. gandolfi
    I'm not at all jealoux!!
  9. gandolfi
    From time to time we get offeerings from different people around Denmark.
    This way, we have got some really nice used equipment.

    Last I got a little frustrated, though...

    We got these huge enlargers and more.. and all we had to do wat to collect it..

    I noticed when we went there, a big old mahogany studio camera on a stand, standing in a corner..

    curiously I checked it out.

    nice camera!! the bellows in poor condition, and I guess that was the reason it was "hiding" in that place.

    the lens, however, on this camera caught my full attention.

    a HUGE old Voigtlander lens for portraits.

    and the serial number was four digits only...

    4ooo-something.. (or lower (?) - can't really remember).

    checking serial numbers, this lens is from ca 1850....


    they have NO idea what they have there...

    but they won't, for some reason, part with it......

    SO close, and yet so far...
  10. Barry S
    Barry S
    Claus-- what a beautiful lens. It's up to *you* to show us the pictures, though--unless you want to send me the lens. Gandolfi-- I feel your pain. I went into a shop that had two huge studio cameras in the window gathering dust and each had a huge Voigtlander portrait lens. They though I was crazy to even ask about buying the lenses and weren't interested in selling anything other than some digital equipment. These lenses are meant to be used. They can put 'em on display if the glass elements all get broken.
  11. mealers
    Hey everyone - Whats the best way of securing the lens to the lens board? My lens doesnt have a flange and I've used 3mm hardwood as a lensboard so there isnt alot of thread for any kind of retaining ring.
  12. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Mealers... I just make it a friction fit.... A 3mm lens board is quite thin, and might split the wood unless you have a laminated lens board with alternating grain? What lens board type is it? Linhof? I make mine using 1/4 " thick stock and mill down the top and bottom to fit in any linhof type mounting system. I drill the hole undersized and then sand it out to fit using a sanding drum in my drill press. Once you get the right size, I put some candle wax on the lens threads and tighten them up... Works slick.
  13. mealers
    Thanks Andrew, I've just made another lensboard out of 5mm plywood, got to drill and sand but thats a job for tommorrow. I've got some Adox 25 on order so hopefully have something to show by the end of the week!
  14. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Mealers... If you look within the pictures posted here, I have two lens types and how I made boards to fit etc... Also about how to fix a Packard to the front of them. The packard set I use also has a provision for a Cokin'P' filter system on the front of it so I can stack in ND filters to help with exposure control.... It works quite well but you have to be careful with flare in bright conditions!!!
  15. ishutteratthethought
    Hello folks, I have been speaking with Andrew about the petzvals and did purchase one however it is missing one of the elements on the back side. I did not pay a whole lot for the lens since it was quite corroded. I had someone in my shop clean it up (this may be a sin but you can see the before and after photo's here)
    Any possibilities of finding a rear element any place? I can get the dimensions later. There is no name on the lens or on the side of the elements. The front element appears to have 3 smaller elements glued together. Both front and rear elements are very clean & clear with no scratches. I believe the rear element is approx 2 inches in diameter & i need the one between the middle next to the back side of course. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  16. Barry S
    Barry S
    A petzval has a cemented doublet, usually at the front, and an air-spaced doublet at the rear of the lens. Sometimes this is reversed. Have you removed the front lens group? Are you sure there are 3 elements? There is almost no possibility of finding the appropriate rear element, so you might as well shoot with it and see what you get. You'll likely see very intense swirl and lots of rectilinear distortion. Some eBay sellers pretend to know nothing about lenses and sell lenses with broken or missing elements or groups. Yet, when there's some obscure selling point, they seem to become uncommonly knowledgeable.
  17. ishutteratthethought
    Hello Barry,
    I am not sure that there are three elements in the front. It looks like there may be but it could be less. When viewing the lens from the side, it looks like three layers.
    The spacing rings that are in the rear are in tact. I did mount the lens on my calumet C400 and there is a circle that covers approximately 3 inches in diameter, not nearly enough to cover the 4 x 5. Plus the center is not sharp, which I believe is non-characteristic of a Petzval.
    I knew it was a gamble when I bought and believed that it could be a bad lens…. Oh well, I have had very good luck doing this until now.
    I will most likely put this one the shelf.
    Thanks for you insight. And I plan on purchasing a working Petzval very soon.
  18. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    Is it really a sin to clean up the brass on these types of lenses? I think it sorta adds to their beauty, and I'd be interested in knowing how you cleaned yours, Steve.

  19. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    I see that PBrooks bought one of Jos Burke's petzvals....Congrats....There is one left with a rear lens edge chip... Nothing to worry about.... certainly worth the $
  20. ishutteratthethought
    hi Colin,
    I work at a job shop machine shop in minneapolis where we make a number of machined parts for the aerospace industry. I did not personally do the cleaning, i had the lead person in our burr bench clean it. i disassembled it. he used a rubber micro hair brush the has diamond dust on it. it is used for finish work on some of our parts.
    the lens was extremely corroded when i got it off ebay. i am a collector of vintage cameras and it is not recomended to alter them other than repairing the mechanics so they can be used again. i did not pay much for this lens and planned on using it so i was not that concerned about cleaning it. it did have some copper plating that was peeling and going inside as well.
    bummer that it is missing an element. i will most likey re-sell to the highest bidder. maybe someone can us it for parts.
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