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Petzval Lens Enthusiasts

  1. PBrooks
    Hello all! I joined the group a couple of days ago, but have officially joined the group as of this afternoon. Why officially, well because before I didn't have one of these beautiful lenses but I just purchased one from the classified section. It is 90-95mm focal length but I have no idea what the aperture is. I guess I'll be watching Jason's video again about determining unknown aperture and focal length. I do have a couple of questions though. I have an extra graflex lens board but it is one of the new style not the straight board and it has a copal 0 hole. Do I cut the lens board and then make another lens board to glue into that one? I hope this made since. Oh and my second questions. Does anyone have an extra 5-6in? Can't wait to get started with this but I'll have to as my graflex is on a slow boat to Taiwan at the moment.
  2. PBrooks
    Ok, This is really a slippery slope! I had my thanksgiving dinner and got a serious case of GAS and not from the dinner. I found another petzval lens from a wanted post on LFF and this one also solves my camera problem because it is attached to a speed graphic with focal plane shutter!!! Yeah!!!
    Sorry couldn't resist. I have no idea what the focal length is or the aperture, only that it is a unnamed petzval lens.
  3. gandolfi
    well - it IS a slippery slope..

    I just got two more petzval's to the family..

    A Darlot (don't know the specs yet, but it surely cant illuminate 13x18 (maybe even not 4x5)), and today I got a really nice, kind of big Ed. Liesegang from Germany.
    I made a bid on it, thinking that I'd never get it, but there you go...
    normally the Liesegang lenses are quite pricy (or that is what I've seen...), but this one was more than fair in price.. (approx. 150$)
    specs to follow, but you can see the lenses in the gallery..

    (Soon I have to actually start using these lenses....)
  4. BlueLemon
    Meeeee toooo

    Just bought a Lerebours é Secretan - according to vademecum this should be a pretty early one. Another baby to suit my collection.

    Seller states this is a approx 450mm :-)

    Only drawback is that these brass lenses with beautifull names look just outright odd on an ugly Sinar :-) But I´ll cope that
  5. djkloss
    I'm really glad you guys started this group. I'm having such a blast with this new/old lens. What I'd really like is to find a brass flange so I can attach it to my lens board and ditch the rubber band that's holding it on.
  6. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Dorothy, what type of lensboard do you use? I have found that making wooden lensboards (linhof style) works great and I can mke them a friction fit using the threads on the lens where the flange would normally attach. Those with no thread, I just drill out the right size hole and use gaffer tape on the side of the lens to make it a friction fit... Seems to work well.
  7. djkloss
    I'm using a spare that came from my Speed Graphic. I drilled the hole to fit then had to file a bit more - and filed a bit too much. So I put a big 'lettuce' rubberband behind the lensboard so it wouldn't slip off. It works for now, but I'm afraid over time it will be too tight on the brass.
  8. Barry S
    Barry S
    If you find a petzval you really like, I think it's worth it to have a machinist make a retaining flange. I have two lenses that I recently sent out for flanges and I won't have to worry about swapping lens boards if I change cameras. Both are heavy lenses, so I feel a little less secure using the wedge-it-in-method. For smaller lenses, a friction fit works well. I also recommend a universal iris--they make it quick and easy trying out lenses before cutting lens boards. Unfortunately, they're ridiculously rare and nearly impossible to find in smaller sizes that would fit a 4x5.
  9. Stephanie Brim
    Stephanie Brim
    I have a really bad feeling I should've clicked the 'No' button...

    Getting back to shooting again. Trying to find a lovely Petzval to use on my 4x5 for a small project. I'm really enjoying all the pictures.
  10. gandolfi
    Stephanie (and others): I am looking for small petzvals too...
    (one unnamed projection lens was sold yesterday at Ebay for 350+$!!!)

    I do have some petzvals, and the smallest is a newly bought Darlot, which will be fine for 4x5..

    However, I have a strange weakness for big sizez lenses... (size does matter? )

    and I have no idea what camera to use for my biggest (see gallery).
    it is a huge "Kranz" petzval lens.
    weighs approx 8 kg's...
    the retaining ring is approx. 15cm (6inch) wide, and the height is about 30cm (12")....

    I can fit it on my 12x16" Gandolfi, but the image size of this camera is far to big for the lens...
    it might be good for 8x10.. I don't know..

    But as it is now, I can't really use it.
    have to fine yet another camera to fix it on....

    It makes a fine display piece though.......
  11. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    I tried bidding on that very lens on eBay yesterday!...was quite PO'd when it sold, but that's life. It was quite a beaut...I only hope the person actually uses it and it doesn't become a shelf exhibit. And the search continues....
  12. ishutteratthethought
    Emil, now that is one massive lens.......might be a little big for the hassy though.
    thanks for sharing.
  13. Barry S
    Barry S
    That Kranz lens is a beauty--too nice to display, maybe you need a studio camera. Any idea of the focal length and aperture? That petzval was on my watch list and I can't believe another magic lantern lens went for big bucks.
  14. djkloss
    I wonder if the price will go up once the demand goes up?
  15. Barry S
    Barry S
    The prices have already gone up--no question. I got my first petzvals less than a year ago and the prices were lower--particularly for magic lantern lenses. I'm guessing this is cyclical because even though lots of photographers want a shiny brass petzval at the moment, there's an ocean of taking, magic lantern and projection lenses out there.
  16. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Absolutely it will raise the bar on the prices... The resurgence in use of these older lenses has taken on sort of a cult following of late. Even since my first interest in them a little over 2 months ago, I have seen them go for much more money. Especially lenses like Darlot, Voigtlander, Ross, and Dallmeyers. These have always been higher than the other lesser known brands, but more so lately. Even on APUG last week, there were 3 people that were in the market for a petzval swirly lenses, so they are very becoming very sought after. They can still be found though for good prices if you are patient and know what you are looking for though. Most of my searches on Fee bay was on just 'petzval' or 'brass lenses' I extended that to include Bausch and Lomb Cinephor. I was lucky to find two of the Cinephor's within a week! One of 5.75" and one of 7" These are the sister lenses to the 5" one I bought from Jim Galli late September. The one I got from Jim was a little spendy, but I got the 7" lens for $12.02..... Yes $12.02 and the 5.75" for $50 so overall not bad...3 lenses for $150! Then the slight detour to get two Darlot's that came my way. I am in for a lot less than I thought I would be. For me the madness has stopped. I have the focal lengths, varying swirl effects, and coverage I need for 4x5. I need to just focus on shooting with what I have so I am removing myself from the lens contention pool for a while :-) I will be falling into an abyss if I moved into 8x10 and the associated lenses it would require!! That would also mean the couch for a long stint, and probably need to move house if I did that if you get my drift.
  17. Stephanie Brim
    Stephanie Brim
    I keep watching Ebay, but so far I haven't found anything yet. I'm waiting for the Little Green Men to drop some more small ones off at Galli's house so that I can buy one off him.


    Close as I've come to Petzval-like, and no swirlies. The real interesting thing is that one of the aperture blades is stuck on this lens. Closed down, the aperture blades form something that's almost triangular. I haven't shot it at minimum aperture yet, but when I do I expect interesting things.
  18. gandolfi
    Darlot on the loose--:

    ..and if you're quick, 7 (!!) projection lenses are up for sale.;


    If any are planning to bid, could you mention it here..

    (no need to fight)
  19. Stephanie Brim
    Stephanie Brim
    That little Darlot would work nicely for me. I saw the one with 7, but I can't do $500 right now. Hope someone buys it and puts the ones they can't use here.
  20. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    I'd like to try bid on the first one, Gandolfi. I had a question for the seller, though, first.

    And yes, I'd prefer going through the one and only Jim Galli, as well.
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