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Petzval Lens Enthusiasts

  1. Colin Corneau
    Put a bid on Feebay for a Darlot -- we shall see. What does anyone want to bet that those old-fashioned collars 19th century daguerrotypers used to hold subjects' heads steady for a long exposure will be the next big trend!
  2. ishutteratthethought
    that's funny Colin, i was thinking the same thing a few weeks back when i saw a vintage studio shot from a photographer taking a picture of another. there are not a lot of cats out there that would know what a collar was if they saw it....so mums the word.... hee hee
  3. PBrooks
    just my 2 cents
    You could just use a light stand and a big A clamp.
  4. Barry S
    Barry S
    Colin-- Thanks, I appreciate the comments. Good luck with the Darlot.
  5. mealers
    Just wanted to say thanks to JosBurke for selling me his 6" f/4 Westinster of London Petzval.
    I've added a test shot to the gallery http://www.apug.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=39709 , just look at that bokeh!!
  6. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    That's a beauty. Was that the one with a chip on the rear element, or a different one? And how did you attach it to your Shen Hao for use? Very curious on that one as I am basically wanting to go the exact same route.

    P.S. Do you surf? I think if I lead a good life, I'll shoot and surf in the afterlife!
  7. mealers
    Hey Colin - The glass is near enough flawless so I guess its a different.
    Have a look in the groups pictures, Andrew has posted quite a few good pictures which show you what needs to be done, scroll down through some of the old posts here aswell cause I asked the same question not so long ago.

    Yeah I still surf, not as much as I used too, I'm getting older and feel the cold more these days. I used to shoot surf with digital www.mikemeal.com but just got really bored of the whole digital thing, playing with old brass lenses is much more fun!!
  8. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    I have read Andrew's excellent instructional...so that's what you did, eh? The whole packard shutter and velcro deal and everything? Veddy cool.

    I've only surfed once in my life, but I can see how people get hooked on it.
  9. ishutteratthethought
    Hey folks,
    Well my Darlot came yesterday and it appears that it is a projection lens. http://www.apug.org/forums/members/i...ms-darlot.html
    No waterhouse stop. I thought it seemed quite large for a projection lens. Does not look like any holes on the flange to connect to a lens board. The flange is threaded on the rear. I can see that there is a serial number written in pencil on the side of the rear element and the Darlot name written in pencil as well but I have not taken it apart yet, seems pretty tight & I am not in the mood to use any tools to remove it.
    I held it on the 4 x 5 and it covered all of the g-glass. I did the window test and it seems like it would cover most of 8 x 10. The glass is real nice, just a minor buff mark on the front that is approximately .123 long x .052 wide. Cannot notice it looking through the view camera.
    I am getting the lens boards machined today at my place of work with a couple of new rings being machined as well.
    So… do you think it is a projection? Curious as to what the f/stop would be & year it was made. It is approx 5.5 long and 2.75 dia on the lens elemment, 3" dia on the barrel. Also looking for a Packard shutter. If anyone has one available, I would be very interested.

  10. Barry S
    Barry S
    Steve-- It's a magic lantern lens. There's no cut out in the brass mount and waterhouse stop slot in the barrel that would identify it as a camera lens. The flat disc "hood" also confirms it as a projection lens, although standard lens hoods were also frequently used on lantern lenses. Finally, Darlot projection lenses didn't have serial numbers engraved on the brass barrel like the taking lenses. The matter of whether there's any quality difference between lantern and camera lenses is unresolved. Based on my experiences, I lean toward the notion that there was no quality difference between the types of Darlot lenses.

    Focus on a distant object (infinity) and measure the distance between the film plane and the midpoint between the front and rear lens groups--this will be your focal length. Measure the diameter of the lens elements, and divide the focal length by the diameter--that's your f/stop.
  11. ishutteratthethought
    Thanks Barry,
    This must have been used on one large magic lantern. Most of the magiic lantern lenses I have seen are the size of the no name petzval lens i have in this photo. http://www.apug.org/forums/members/i...e-petzval.html
    I will be shooting some tests this weekend and hope to post soon.
  12. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Steve, this lense looks very similar to the second darlot petzval I got. I believe mine is 7 or 8" version, and has the lip on the lens exactly like yours. I posted an image in here on how I adapted my lens for linhof board and also the velcro fasteners for use with a packard.... See the pictures earlier in this groups picture gallery. BTW, this lense easily covers 4x5, mostly 5x7 and not 8x10 ... Likely could be used for whole plate quite well. On 4x5, the swirl is there, but less pronounced.... I still made some intersting images with it... Like the angel image also in the pics listed at the side.
  13. Barry S
    Barry S
    I went shooting with my newest Petzval, a Wollensak Vitax #4, this Saturday. That lens really beat me up in the cold, but I sure like the results. I posted a pic of the Vitax on my 'dorff and one of my shots. I was shooting APHS at EI 4, which is a good alternative for lens without a shutter. I just used the lens cap.
  14. PBrooks
    Hello, I have a question about determining the nodal point of a lens without waterhouse slit. Joseph maybe you can help me, the question is about the lens I got from you. Maybe I measured it wrong but half way through the lens at infinity is about 5" and I measured the objective at 1.69", so that would give me a aperture of about f3 right or f2.95. Have I done this correctly? I also have another lens that looks really close in terms of size, but I measured this one at 6" f4, it has a waterhouse slit. Have I not measured correctly the focal length of the first lens? What do you think?
  15. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    Well, outbid at the last minute...again.

    $245 (U.S.)...I can't afford this s**t. Well, next time, maybe. Although I think that anything with the name "Darlot" on it is not going to be had for less than $250 anytime soon.
  16. ishutteratthethought
    Don't give up yet! They are out there to be had. I picked the one up that is posted on the right for $125.00 last week. A fella in Maryland was selling it on craigslist. He thought initially it was for a boat. Started with a asking price of $425.00 for it then kept dropping the price until it was $125.00. Then I stumbled along and bought it. It is a very nice Darlot. Mr. Jim Galli provided me with a wonderful packard shutter. I am in the process of rigging it tonight.
    So.....keep on searching, they are out there.
  17. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    I'm holding out hope for the one and only Monsieur Galli...Jim if you're reading this -- remember, Canada is your country's oldest ally!
  18. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Colin, Jos Burke had one for sale on here for $90. Now there is a similar lense on E'Bay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Brass-Petzval-...3286.m63.l1177 This could clean up nicely.
  19. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    Just sent him an email about that, Andrew, thank you very much!

    Looks like I'll also be re-reading your tutorial on jury-rigging a shutter set-up too.
  20. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    That lens has gone to eBay now for anyone interested. I think I'll avoid the Bay for the time being.
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