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Petzval Lens Enthusiasts

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  1. edtbjon
    Hi all!
    First post in this group, but in short: I got my hands on a Busch-Neokino 62,5/120mm lens (translates to 2½"/4 3/4"). About $40 at a swedish auction site. It looks similar to the lenses which Jim G. sells now and then and when I looked in the brief Vade Mecum which is online, it just says that this should be a Petzval.
    I will give it a try tomorrow, but in the meantime, I wonder if anyone have some additional info on the lens. I do know that this is a 35mm film projection lens and given the short focal length I expect it to clip the corners on 4x5". But is there someone else who has had any success with this lens?

  2. smieglitz
    FWIW, I'll be putting three Petzvals up for sale as soon as I can get some jpegs together. Two will be Seroco Portrait Series II f/5 Petzval lenses for 5x7 (10") and full-plate 6.5x8.5 (12") formats. These two lenses are in Studio shutters (need some work) and have their dedicated mounting flanges. These apparently were rebranded Wollensak Vesta Portrait lenses sold by Sears. They are also convertible and are considerably smaller in size than the f/3.8 or f/4 Petzvals. As a result, they can be adapted to smaller cameras for use outside the studio.

    The third lens will be the full-plate Voigtlander 5A 12" f/3.8 Petzval.

    I'll also be selling a nice 8 3/4" Verito in Betax #5 and a universal iris lens mount, so keep an eye on the APUG classifieds after Christmas day if you have any interest in these items. I've stumbled onto a deal for some studio lighting equipment and I'm also going to lease a studio space the beginning of the new year, so I need to raise some fast cash. I'd rather sell the equipment here than on eBay for various reasons.
  3. Barry S
    Barry S
    I hope none of you bought *half* a Darlot today. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=370134204122 I think $300 would have been a fair price for a whole Darlot with an aperture and a flange, but this lens has..no front lens group. At least the winner got a nifty leather case.
  4. Barry S
    Barry S
    Hi Björn--So you've got a zoom (or varifocal) projection lens? Interesting. Are you sure it's a Petzval design? Have you found a cemented doublet and an air-spaced doublet? I've found there were many other designs for projection lenses--especially as you get into the 40's. A book titled Zoom Lens Photography briefly mentions the 1931 Busch Neo-Kino in a timeline of the zoom lens.
  5. edtbjon
    Barry - No, there's no way this could be a zoom lens. It just a barrel with a front group and a rear group, both doublets. I recon the 62,5 indicates the diameter of the lens. It's quite definitely a 120mm focal length.
    My guess about the nomination of the lens (62,5/120mm) is so that the movie machinist can switch lenses of the same barrel diameter, but different focal lengths, so that different film formats can fill the screen. Just a guess, but it sound good in theory.
    Happy new year!
  6. Barry S
    Barry S
    Ok, I think it must have been a similar to the B&L Super Cinephor line. The name remained the same even though the design was updated from a Petzval to a six-element design. In 1931 Busch introduced the Neo-Kino zoom, but it was probably an addition to the earlier Petzval Neo-Kinos. Your shot is interesting because I don't see much color work done with Petzval lenses.
  7. edtbjon
    I just happened to have some color Polaroid film laying around, so... I'll be doing some more work next year when there's some light up here again. (Local time half four and it's almost dark.)
  8. smieglitz
    A couple people have emailed me to express an interest or more information about the Petzval lenses I recently listed in the APUG classifieds. Unfortunately, it appears I started having problems with my email server and I have received several emails that have blank address lines and headers, or the messages appear to reference earlier correspondence that I never received. I've sent several test emails to myself over the past 2 days, but they aren't showing up either. So, I'm not sure if stuff is hung up in a queue somewhere in cyberspace. In any event, if you have emailed me about any of the lenses, please return to the ad and leave a message or contact me via PM instead of email. I want to make sure that people responding to the ads first via APUG get first crack at them. Thanks. Joe
  9. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    Bjorn, I think we're at similar latitudes!

    Anyway, a bright New Year to everyone...it's invaluable to learn so much from so many knowledgeable people. And great to just talk and share a common passion, too.

    All the best in 2009, everyone.
  10. Barry S
    Barry S
    Happy New Year's to everyone! In a moment of fiscal irresponsibility I got the last Petzval lens I've been wanting for my upcoming wet plate work-- a Dallmeyer 3A (see pic). It's amazing how big Petzvals get if you want a fast lens for portraits on a decent-sized plate. Dallmeyer considered the 3A appropriate for whole plate (6.5" x 8.5") work and the flange won't even fit properly on a 6" lens board. I'll be using it for portraits on plates a little smaller than 8x10. It's a 16" f/4 lens with a diffusion adjustment that works by unscrewing the back element of the rear group. My lens was made in 1896 and the rear element won't budge, but from my experience with the Vitax, I'm not so interested in the "diffusion" effect on a Petzval. I'm finding that there are very different desirable qualities for Petzvals that are going to be used with film versus studio work with wet plate. For film shooting, the slower smaller Petzvals are a lot more practical. They're more easily shuttered, much lighter, and require less frequent neutral density filtering.
  11. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    That's quite a hefty lens...congrats on finishing your wish list!
  12. smieglitz
    I also have a Dallmeyer 3A and it is my favorite wetplate lens for large plates. I think you will enjoy yours.
  13. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
  14. jimgalli
    Just received a very nice Petzval. It is a Gundlach Series B which was their f4 series. It is surprisingly compact and a good focal length for 8X10 at 14 inches. I have a couple of 12 inch Petzvals I've used in the field with the 8X10 2D but this 14 inch seems perfect for field use. 28 inches of bellows puts it at 1:1 and a head shot is less than that. One problem I have with all of my Gundlach lenses is the disimilar metal corrosion between the brass barrel and the cheezy aluminum group barrel. I cannot get the rear group to come off for cleaning. Oh well, the image on the GG is amazing, flatter than usual with this "modern" petzval and I hope to use it this coming weekend. It shares a flange with my 14 inch Hyperion so theoretically you could take both styles of soft focus into the field with a single flange.
  15. summilux
    I was wondering if anyone here had built their own petzval using elements sold by companies like Edmond?
  16. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    Just picked up a half-plate collodion camera and accessories...pretty steep learning curve ahead, I predict but did manage to get an extra lens board too. What size petzval should I be on the lookout for? (did I mention there was a steep learning curve ahead..?)
  17. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Was that the one you posted the link to for the 1/2 plate mahogany wet plate collodion camera and lens? If so... nice camera! Other than that, I would think a 7 or 8 " Darlot would be nice and give you the coverage you need.
  18. Colin Corneau
    Colin Corneau
    That's the one, Andrew. I even had Ty make me an extra lens board that can get shipped out with it, also.

    Now...to just learn how it all WORKS.
  19. Barry S
    Barry S
    Wow-it looks like you got a beautiful camera, Colin. Talk about starting wet plate in style! I'm still assembling my supplies and of course it's more expensive and complicated than I thought. It seems like there's always "one more thing" you need. The diagonal of half-plate is 7 3/4", so a 7-9"" Petzval would be good, depending on if you want any vignetting.
  20. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Well Colin, you patience has paid off! Hat off to you in getting that camera. Question, does this guy make them himself?
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