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Petzval Lens Enthusiasts

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  1. Andrew Moxom
    After seeing a similar petzval dedicated site on Flickr, and as I am a convert to all things Petzval, I thought APUG needed a place as well. I added a bunch of photos. (Order of photos is now fixed) At any rate, the photos document how I fitted two very different Petzval lenses to Linhof boards and adapted them for use with a Packard shutter onto the front of them. There is text added to each photo outlining the steps. YMMV, enjoy.
  2. gandolfi
    ok - let's see some awesome exambles of images and lenses...
  3. dwross
    oo! oo! What a great idea forming this group is. I just got a petzval lens last week. I love it. It's more, somehow, than an old, uncoated lens. If I can figure out how to post an image, I'll show you my first dry plate petzval portrait.
  4. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    I've posted a photo of my Petzval along with a Petzval image and detail that I've posted before. I made some new Petzval portraits a few days ago. When they're dry, I'll post a scan.
  5. dwross
    David, I've always loved your portraits, and the petzval's are no exception!

    Andrew, Your Brian Evie Daisy has what I think of as the distinctive Petzval Look. Is that a characteristic of that individual lens, or is there a way to set up the composition so that the 'movement' around the subject happens?

  6. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    D, the portrait I made of Brian, Evie, and Daisy did exploit the natural characteristics of this lens. That said, the effect is really exaggerated by including foliage in images. All of the other portraits were taken with the same lens and set up, I was just closer to the subjects and the backrounds were dark and the effect is not nearly as noticable. It's there, but you have to look at the lower portion near subjects chests/shoulders.

    The 5" Cinephor lens is not quite a dramatic as the infamous 'Eddie' lens, but not far off. Coverage is extremely limited on 4x5, so cropping square gives it a Holga feel with the petzval swirlies. Thanks for looking.

  7. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Hi Joe, great to see you on here. Your work with these lenses and your collodion process has certainly inspired me. I am thinking of dabbling in quarter plate, but will see how it goes. If there is another class prior to photostock next year, I may sign up.
  8. highpeak
    Well, I have few petzval type lenses now, and I love them. Just don't have too much time to play with them lately.
  9. TheFlyingCamera
    I've got one petzval-type lens, a Seneca Portrait f5 whole plate (aka Wollensak Vesta). It doesn't swirl, at least not on 5x7 or whole plate, as far as I've been able to determine. It does produce absolutely gorgeous transitions from sharp to out-of-focus, and the bokeh is wonderful. I think it is my favorite lens out of all the ones in my kit.
  10. Barry S
    Barry S
    I've started shooting a series of images that include some petzval shots (see posted photos). I made a compression ring out of foam-core to fit a Gundlach 4 3/4" projection petzval lens into an Alphax #4 shutter. It works very well on my 4x5 Chamonix. I also have a 8" petzval magic lantern lens that I'd like to adapt for the Chamonix, but I've got to rig something up because I don't have a flange. I may put it on a Thorton Pickard roller blind shutter once I replace the curtain and make a flange.
  11. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Great images Barry, and very clean install for the Alphax. I see coverage for that lens is minimal for 4x5, does the Alpax add to the vignetting at all?
  12. Barry S
    Barry S
    Thanks Andrew. Did I mention I *love* having the petzval in a real shutter. The install isn't as solid as a metal flange or ring, but it does the job and I can easily cut a new ring in 15 minutes if things start to get loose. The Alphax doesn't cause any vignetting unless I try to stop the aperture down. The coverage is a bit less than I'd like which is why I bought bought the 8", but the 8" is going to take some work. I also found that the 8" has a 7" image circle, so maybe I'll lose the swirl on 4x5.
  13. nsurit
    OK, please head me in the right direction. What do I need to look for in a prezval to use with a 4X5speed graphic? What can I expect to pay and are there any good "getting places?" Anyone have any good extras that are surplus? Bill Barber
  14. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Bill, for 4x5 you are likely to need something in the 4 1/2" to 8" range. Typically something that has limited coverage for your format to get the most pronounced swirly effect. There could be exceptions based upon how large/wide the lens diameter is. Typically wider opening petzvals have more coverage and less pronounced swirly effect on smaller formats. Case in point, my newly acquired Darlot has an alleged focal length of 6". It is very wide and can cover 5x7 easily so on 4x5 the swirly effect is minimal. Then if I use my 5" B&L lens, it has CRAZY fall off on 4x5 and is more suited to a square image, but the swirly effect is greatly exaggerated. The lenses that often come up via Jim Galli on this site and on large format forum are usually what you need. Also look under brass lenses on E'Bay, but they can require lot's of money!
  15. Barry S
    Barry S
    There are some nice shots in the group album, hope to see some more soon. Andrew--the lens tube/Packard setup looks great. I may build something similar since it will obviously work well on the light little Chamonix. What size Packard are you using?

    Bill-- People sell petzvals here from time to time and usually the prices are fair. Ebay is a crapshoot because accurately identified petzvals can sell for a lot, while the bargain mystery lenses may not even be petzvals, or may be missing elements.
  16. jimgalli
    Hi everyone! Yes, I think I must have a petzval upstairs somewhere!
  17. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Welcome Jim, having you on here will really help get this going.
    Barry, I think my Packard is a 5 3/4". Again sourced via Jim. IT has the instantaneous option as well, but with the cokin filter adaptor added in I can get speeds low enough to where I do not need it by stacking ND filters.
  18. HerrBremerhaven
    I don't have tons of time to keep checking here, though I thought I should share a resource I have put together:


    This is a serial number and information list for (mostly) Petzval type designs of the company Holmes, Booth & Haydens. I started on this a little over a year ago, after getting No. 1875 along with a bunch of other photographic gear. I also have a small Gundlach projection Petzval for a Simplex 35mm motion picture projector, and a Bausch & Lomb Petzval that I just refurbished (probably going to sell that one). Anyway, I mounted my HB&H on a modified Technika board, and use it with my 4x5.


    Gordon Moat Photography
  19. nsurit
    Thanks to all for responding. What I'd like to do is avoid having to wade through several lenses before I figure out what will work or what won't. If anyone has something they want to send to a new home in exchange for some folding green, I'd like to hear from you. If you don't want folding green, I might have other photo gear to trade, although folding green would be my preferred method. There are several Darlots on eBay currently which might give me what I want, however I'm clueless as to whether they would work or not. As an aside, wonder if anyone is using a petzval in 617 format? Bill Barber
  20. gandolfi
    hi - just to be sure..
    if uploading images in here, the images have to be uploaded on the net? or the image have to be uploaded on APUG?

    what if the image(s) in quistion is not uploaded? can I still upload?
    (can't find the way to do it...feeling stupid..)
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